William Saito and Life Lessons

William Saito is an adventurous spirit with a heart of gold. Starting in his dorm room at University of California at Riverside, he has helped start over 25 businesses from the ground up. His software business took off and he credits his success to his willingness to fail and grow and adapt. He talks about how businesses that don’t risk failure will never know true success. In 1991, William Saito founded I/O which found considerable success and led to William Saito being on boards of global companies as well as the special advisor to Prime Minister Abe. William Saito had opened doors for himself using ingenuity and technical skills. William Saito acknowledges the importance of cybersecurity, persistence, and patience towards a successful future. He talks about failure and pushing through obstacles as keys to productivity and a healthy life.


In 1998, William Saito was named the entrepreneur of the year for his work with encryption, biometric authentication and cyber security. In 2005, he sold his company to Microsoft and moved to Tokyo. He then founded InTecur technology, a venture capital firm that manages talent and helps clients grow and become successful. He claims that he is looking forward to the incumbent technology of blockchain, robotics, cloud, AR/VR and recommends the book Life 3.0 by Max Tegmark.


William Saito is a chairman on several boards across Japan and the rest of the world in organizations such as METI, MIC, MEXT, and MLIT. He urges young people to pursue their passions, not rush through life, and learn from their mistakes and failures. He worked as a strategic advisor for Japan Airlines where he won the Medal of Honor for his service to the people of Japan. He’s published two books, The Team: Solving the Biggest Problem in Japan, and an autobiography called An Unprogrammed Life: Adventures of an Incurable Entrepreneur. As of today, William Saito has stepped down from the GCSC. From his humble beginnings in elementary school, to starting his own business, William Saito has been instrumental in helping his country and advancing the field of cybersecurity as well as national security, as, he helped Japan during Fukushima in 2011.


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