Why Beneful is Beneficial for Your Dog

Beneful is a brand of dog food sold all over the United States and other places. In particular, it is sold to loving dog owners who would do anything to make sure their pet is healthy. The Beneful is a brand of dog food name, however, has an interesting history. This is made more intriguing by the fact that, since the word “beneful” is about as real as “jabberwocky”, it has no definition.

The closest word to come up when searching online for a definition is “baneful”, but that’s because of the spelling. The word “beneficial” is a closer match to what a definition for the word “beneful” might be. “Beneficial” is defined by Dictionary as something that is ‘helpful, or having good results’. So, by playing around with the spelling of the word “beneficial”, the makers of the dog food brand “Beneful” have linked their dog food with the idea of being good for dogs.

Another possible word that “beneful” spun off of is the word ‘benefit’. The word ‘benefit’ is defined by Dictionary as ‘an advantage or something that is advantageous’. No one would be hesitant to feed their dogs a brand of dog food that plays off of the words ‘benefit’ and ‘beneficial’, would they? Of course not. For anyone not familiar with the brand, Beneful was begun in 2001. It’s been around for 10 years, so they have done something right with their brand. It’s sold by Purina-Nestle, and is sold in pretty much every big chain store – Target, Walmart, etc.


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