Wengie Summer Life Hacks

Wengie, the Australian-Chinese beauty and lifestyle guru who is followed by millions on YouTube, shares her summer life hacks on this episode of her online video channel. Wengie is getting her fans ready for the warmer days so that her northern hemisphere watchers can take a short respite from thinking about the frigid temperatures.


Her first hack is for those who want to be in the pool, but don’t necessarily want to get wet, for whatever reason. She suggests that sunbathers use a “kiddy pool” to lounge in while drifting around in the water. It is big enough to lounge in comfortably, but small enough to avoid making others in the pool feel crowded. You can even keep your book, accessories, and snacks dry.


Wengie also explains how to keep hydrated while in the pool without ever leaving your wading pool island. Cutting pool noodles to the exact size of the four sides of a small plastic bin and tying them together around the bin creates a floating, portable drink station. Simply add ice and place your bottles or cans into the bin.


To keep your legs soft, Wengie suggests a homemade scrub made from three tablespoons of olive oil, two tablespoons of honey, and half cup of sugar. Then you shave your legs as you normally would and apply the scrub to your legs. After you have rubbed the scrub on your legs, Wengie says to shave your legs again, and you will have the softest skin imaginable.


Forgot your tanning cream? Not to worry, says Wengie. She advises mixing two tablespoons of ordinary cocoa powder with any type of body lotion. After stirring the mixture, apply it lightly to your body. There will be no orange tint, and a little baking soda will remove any lotion left on your body when you shower.


And the most fun hacks of all are the easy DIY glowing jars Wengie describes how to make. The only materials needed are glass jars with lids and glow sticks. Cut the end of a glow stick and swing the sticks around in the jar. Then cut the other end of the glow stick off and do the same. Put the top on the jar and when the sun goes down you will have beautiful, glowing jars, For even more gorgeous effects, use the insides of several different colored sticks.


Don’t let summer sneak up on you. Use Wengies ideas, gather your materials, and get ready to jump into your summer fun as soon as the temperature rises.

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