Waikea Water Offers a New Take on Spring Water

Waiakea water is an award winning bottled water that is filtered from natural volcanic rock in and around Hawaii. In 2015, it was honored to receive 10 Best Water’s healthiest water of its type. The water produced by Waiakea comes in a biodegradable bottle and aside from its filtration process is regular spring water.

It was not too long ago that the bottled water industry was a budding dream. Only 20 years ago, it was unheard of for someone to purchase a bottle of something you get for free from your tap; now it would be a challenge to find someone that doesn’t buy at least a bottle of water a month. The trend to buy bottled water in favor of things like sodas and other high fructose drinks has led to a slightly healthier America, but at the cost of our oceans.

Millions of bottles are dumped into the oceans every year, Waiakea, which is based in Hawaii, have recently contributed to efforts to lower pollution to the waters. They have switched to a fully degradable water. Most bottles take hundreds of years to decompose back to their natural substances, it only takes Waiakea bottles 15 years.

The bottle is certainly not the only thing special about Waiakea, there water is truly one of a kind. Waiakea’s water goes through a natural filtration process involving Hawaii’s volcanic rock structures. All over the islands, spring water is running over and through volcanic formations, creating a efficient and natural filter. This causes the water found in Waiakea’s bottles to have a slightly higher PH value than normal. Waiakea’s water sits around 7.6 to 8.2 due to the minerals present in the volcanic rock, pure water is directly in the middle of the PH scale at 7.

The unique properties of Waiakea water have lead to it becoming quite the company. Ryan Emmons, the founder of Waikea has grown the company into a brand that can be found in stores nationwide.


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