Vijay Eswaran: A Great Figure of Philosophy

Vijay Eswaran is a popular entrepreneur, philanthropist, and a motivational speaker. He is a trained economist serving as an executive chairman and a founder of QI Group of Companies. This is a multinational integration of companies with deep interests in real estate, direct selling, retail, hospitality, and education in various countries. Vijay is a known writer and author of the most recommended and praised book called In the Sphere of Silence where he shares various philosophies about success.

Also, Vijay Eswaran has spoken on various topics revolving around the business, personal development, leadership, and life management. During his holidays and free times, Vijay is a firm advocate for improved quality education in South East of Asia. He has taken home various awards for his expertise in entrepreneurship and business leadership. Vijay features in the Forbes Top 50 Philanthropist in Asia. Other capacities that he serves include advisory to the board for World Economic Forums’ Global Growth Companies where he regularly gives his speech during meetings in Davos.

In his book the Spheres of silence, Vijay Eswaran shares on the most powerful things that individuals need to do to succeed in both life and business. The book teaches on how one can remain and do a self-examination ahead of anything. According to his book Sphere of Silence, when one practices and becomes regular in practice, one acquires a great inspiration for anything they need to do and how to accomplish it. The book is portable and will give you a systematic and practical guidance towards managing your daily life and take you to another level towards oneself.

In addition to his writing, Vijay Eswaran has written some philosophies based on the topic 5 Cs of Servant leadership where he points out care, clarity of vision, practice, & building of core values, creating a will to sacrifice, and commitment to growth. Vijay has also expounded on the Stages of Change as another publication where his argument and philosophy bases that any change begins with oneself. He also adds that any change has effects such as change attracts more change, that the price of change can be painful, and that some things should not change at all.

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