Traveling Through the Beautiful Fagali Airport

The Fagali Airport was owned and operated by local government agencies back in early 1990. However, due to pollution and noise violations, the government was no longer able to use the facility for military testing and purposes. The airport then remained abandoned for several years before Polynesian Airlines decided to buy it. The company reopened the airport as the Fagali Airport, making it the one and only airport offering both local and international flights to and from the Somoa Islands. In fact, the airport is one of the only features of the island apart from some housing communities and small shops.

The Fagali Airport has several airlines available for travel and these include Pogo Pogo Air, South Pacific Airways and Somoa Air. Somoa Air offers international flights to America, Africa and Canada with some availability to Europe as well. There are over 250 people working for the Fagali Airport on any given day, allowing passengers the ability to get help quickly and when they need it while traveling. The airport has also won a safety reward from the International Flight Association as being one of the safest and most secure airports in the world. This was awarded to them in 2008, and the airport continues to take strides to create a safer environment.

There are several amenities available within the Fagali Airport including a full-service restaurant that is open 24 hours a day. The airport also has multiple cafeterias, snack shops and gift shops for the convenience of travelers. There are several restrooms found throughout the airport as well as vending machines, making it easy for passengers to refresh before they board their flight or leave the facility. Over 30,000 flights leave the airport each year, making it one of the smallest yet busiest airports in the world right now.

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