The Illustrious Career of Ara Chackerian.

Who exactly is Ara Chackerian? He is a renowned serial entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist. With his headquarters in San Francisco, California, Ara has built an excellent reputation in the health sector. His primary focus is on initiatives that uplift the communities around him. Ara has been in the healthcare field for decades and been able to build a bridge between the various healthcare services and technology. He is also actively involved with youth development initiatives and environmental conservation.


Ara Chackerian is involved in two major health institutions. He is a co-founder as well as a board member at TMS Health Solutions, a private health center that offers help to people affected by treatment-resistant depression by providing magnetic transcranial stimulation. He is also the Managing Partner of ASC Capital Holdings, LLC, a corporation that targets new health-care companies and invests in them.


Before investing in TMS Health Solutions, Ara Chackerian had built a name for himself in the health-tech industry with a rich history dating from about two decades ago. Several healthcare companies around the United States owe their success to him. Ara had previously worked for PipelineRx, Embion/Provider Links, and BMC Diagnostics.


Other than the more established corporations, Ara Chackerian serves as a board member for various early-stage healthcare firms in the larger San Francisco Bay including Mint Medical Education. He is also extremely devoted to causes that positively impact the environment. One such initiative is the Limonapa Teak Plantation in Nicaragua. The farm always maintains the use of environmentally friendly practices to help improve the overall serene nature of the surroundings. The farm offers good-paying jobs to the people living in the communities around it and thus improving their living conditions.



Ara Chackerian is also involved in various youth development initiatives including JUMA Ventures, Nor Luyce, and CREA Nicaragua. Ara is a graduate of Florida State University and traverses the world in with the aim of building enterprises, impacting people positively, and spreading the message of digitizing the health sector. Ara Chackerian wants to leave a legacy in the investment industry; he continues to share his experiences in life and provides tips for young upcoming entrepreneurs to follow. You can visit to see more.




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