The Future of Aging With Dr. Dov Rand

If you’re like most people, getting older means that your body and performance slows down. But is this normal? And how can we reverse this? Dr. Dov Rand, M.D. believes that he has found a way to help people feel as good, as they age ( . Dr. Dov Rand is the founder of the Healthy Aging Medical Centers, in New Jersey, where he specializes in helping patients to obtain a healthier lifestyle. His clinics give patients the proper resources and knowledge to feel better about their aging. At Dr. Dov Rand’s clinics, a person can find help with weight loss, information on proper supplementations, and hormone treatments. Hormones play a big part of our lives; they affect our mood, our performance, and our metabolism. Dr. Dov Rand explains how there are good and bad hormones and as we age are bad hormones increase and our good hormones decrease (Zocdoc). Bad hormones consist of cortisol, which is stress related hormone, and insulin, which are fat storing hormones. The good hormones are testosterone, estrogen, and thyroid; these affect your mood, performance, prevention of diseases, metabolism and more. Dr. Dov Rand’s treatments help reverse the effect of aging with proper diet, exercise, and supplementation, and help restore good hormones. To help with this process, Dr. Dov Rand uses Bioidentical Hormone Replacements. These are natural hormones found in plants that can be used to help patients; they are identical to the hormones found in your body. It is also a safer alternative than the syntheic hormones that are used to treat patients, which can be very dangerous. What’s very interesting about Bioidentical Hormones, is that you are unable to patent this, because this is natural. Pharmaceutical companies that create synthetic hormones are able to patent their product and charge a certain price based on the demand, but with Biodentical Hormones you are able to treat patients with certain hormone defects for a cost not based on a patent. It is easy to see that by visiting Dr. Dov Rand’s clinics, aging will no longer be an overwhelming problem that can’t be solved. “Nutrition, exercise, vitamins, and hormones, are plastic surgery from the inside.” – Dr. Dov Rand, M.D.


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