Talos Energy Leads the Way into the Gulf of Mexico

Mexico’s recent reform of its long standing energy policy is already starting to benefit U.S oil interests. Houston based Talos Energy LLC, has partnered with Premier Oil Plc from the UK and Sierra Oil & Gas of Mexico, and begun drilling the first privately own off-shore well in Mexican waters in over 80 years. This is a huge step forward in terms of privatizing the Mexican oil sector, which since 1938 has been monopolized by the state run Petroleos Mexicanos. It’s little wonder that Talos Energy is at the vanguard of this newly opened market full of promise and opportunity considering its history.
Originally started as Phoenix Exploration by Tim Duncan and his partners during the height the Great Recession, the team developed a knack for finding and drilling only the most profitable locations. As the economy recovered, Phoenix managed to double in size by 2011 and was sold off. Tim and his team then formed a new company under the banner of Talos Energy which continues the legacy of smart exploration and drilling. Talos’s success and prosperity can be directly attributed to Duncan’s own personal work ethic and entrepreneurial spirit.
Duncan, who started his career as a reservoir engineer manager makes sure every employee is invested in the success of the company by offering everyone down the to receptionist a stake in the equity. His tireless work and late night company emails come with a clear message that he’s not just in it to make himself rich, he wants to make everyone rich. So then it’s little wonder then that a newcomer like Talos has attracted international partners and made so much headway into the energy market over the last few years. Despite it’s relative youth, Talos is not taking a backseat to its partners in the Gulf of Mexico. Talos has a solid 35% stake in the well, Zama-1, and will be in charge of operation. Drilling started on May 21st and is expected to complete in 90 days.

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