End Citizens United Fights For Campaign Finance Reform

In 2010, the political spectrum was forever changed with the ruling of Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission. End Citizens United was founded five years later and has since been fighting to keep big money out of politics and overturn the Supreme Court’s decision. Their headquarters is located in our nation’s capital and Tiffany Muller is president of the organization. Their goal is to use grassroots funding to counterbalance all the big money being poured into republican political campaigns. This funding then goes to democrats who share the same goal of eliminating the greed and corruption that runs rampant through our government. Of course, it’s not going to be an easy feat. To overturn the court’s decision, they will need two-thirds of the vote in both the House and Senate and then they’ll need it to be ratified by three-fourths of the states which means they need at least 38.

Nevertheless, End Citizens United remains confident they will achieve their goals. Currently, they have set their sights on the impending November elections. To achieve their goals, they plan to raise $35 million by November which is a significantly higher goal than they had in 2017. However, they are making good progress. They currently have twice as many staff members as they did last year, they have at least 380,000 people currently making donations to their cause and they’ve already given 130 endorsements during this year alone.

Another one of their goals is to help candidates who are looking to eliminate corporate donations from their campaigns. In addition to that, End Citizens United is targeting the Big Money 20, a list of the most greedy and corrupt politicians currently in office. The list includes such well-known Republicans as Dana Rohrbacher, Ted Cruz and speaker of the house, Paul Ryan. Three of the people on the list have already announced their plans not to seek reelection in the upcoming midterms so the list has since been narrowed down to just 17. By helping democrats turn the tide in the government, End Citizens United will be closer than ever to achieving their goals.

That is why it is imperative the democrats take back the house, senate and congress in the upcoming midterm elections which should be fairly easy given the number of republicans who have chosen not to seek reelection this year. As they look towards November, we can only hope they emerge victorious.

For details: www.fec.gov/data/committee/C00573261/