How Alex Pall and Andre Taggart Hit Their Stride

Alex Pall and Andre Taggart have been popular DJs for many years in New York. They have rocked clubs and radio shows over the years. The duo decided to take their artistic talent a notch higher by forming a band: “The Chainsmokers”. They recently released their much-awaited single titled “Closer”. The song features Halsey as the star of the moment. The band has released songs before, but this one stands out because unlike in “Don’t Let me Down” and “Roses”, this song features Taggart as the lead singer on stage assisted by Alex Pall. It is a revolution in their career. It is not common for DJs to showcase their singing talent in such a fashion.

Beat Crafters behind DJ Booths

DJs are talented people, by all means, imaginable, but they never really manifest their personality without a singer in the picture. They depend on songs written and sung by others to do their thing right. Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart are clearly redefining their career. They are no longer faceless like their other colleagues. They appear on stage and sing and dance to their creation. The two artists were recently interviewed regarding the new song release and where they intend to take their talent.

The Interview

Alex Pall was asked how he met Taggart and began their collaboration. He reports that he was a DJ in New York City. He observes that it was, at first more of a sidekick. He says it disturbed him that he was in something that was more of fun than work in the city. However, he, soon, realized that he was talented in dance music. He says that his manager decided to introduce him to Drew; a meeting that redefined his whole career path to date.

Taggart Meets Pall

On his part, Andrew Taggart says that he was attending college prior to his meeting with Alex Pall. He was a DJ by then. He recounts that DJaying was his passion from when he joined college. He says that he started producing music quite early. Many DJs were being booked into clubs in New York City. He says he put his first songs on SoundCloud and played them in several clubs. Interscope was managing his activities in the music industry. Taggart says that he was introduced to the Chain-smokers by someone working for Alex Pall’s manager, who informed him of the developments at the band. He boarded a bus from Maine to New York City and met Alex. He says that they had a natural chemistry going instantly and started working together in Alex’s Apartment until their plans fell into place.

The Chainsmokers Explain Their Musical Identities.

Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart are the award-winning Chainsmokers, a DJ/production duo out of the New England area. Drew Taggart was in college and Alex Pall was working in New York City right before they met; they were both DJing on the side.

In college, Taggart was able to witness a long list of DJs who were making a good bit of money while performing at parties, clubs and bars. “There are a lot of college DJs who were getting booked around New York City,” Taggart explained. “And the opportunity was kind of revealing itself.”

Taggart became involved with Interscope in a client-managerial relationship right before he was introduced to Pall.

Alex Pall was in an art gallery in New York when he realized that he could make a career out of DJing. It wasn’t long after when his manager introduced him to Drew Taggart and the two of them immediately noticed the chemistry. Taggart moved from Maine to New York City and Pall quit his job to pursue music as full-time careers.

When the duo finally met, they quickly realized they had what it took to become successful. “I think we both initially knew what we brought to the table.” Pall explained. Pall and Taggart began working together every day from morning till dark and didn’t stop until they found their identity as artists.

“In every single genre, you have people that make stuff that sounds like the other stuff that’s popular,” Taggart said concerning how they found their identity. For a while, The Chainsmokers were trying to blend their own identity around popular dance music. It wasn’t until “Waterbed,” “Roses,” and “Don’t let me Down” came out that they steered away from the dance genre and truly created their own sound.

Despite the emergence of their new sound, their biggest innovation since they began was having Taggart provide vocals on “Closer,” Previously, Taggart and Pall only provided the instrumentation for their music; the duo relied on popular artists to perform the vocals.

“Alex and I are a year or two ahead of “Roses,” Taggart explains. “Some people are just now hearing [“Roses.”]” The current sound of The Chainsmokers is always different than the music they release. Moving forward, Pall and Taggart plan to continue innovating their sound and always staying ahead of copiers.