Adam Milstein Succeeds in Charity and Business

Many people desire to achieve their goals. However, only a handful of people follow the prescription as to what will bridge the gap between them and success. Like Adam Milstein, if one blends determination and resilince, then success is the only destination.

Dawn of Adam’s Life.

Adam’s early life was a preparation towards his future. Having been born in 1952 at Haifa in Israel, Adam used his home as the first learning point. His father, a real estate developer, was ideal for his career while his mother, a homemaker was instrumental in modeling his charity. Being a cheerful man, he joined defense forces in 1971 and was a crucial participant in the famous KiyatMotzkin.

Preparing for success

Knowing there was a passion for following, Adam Milstein went his studies at Technion where he studied BSc Business and Economics. For his companion, Adam was married to Gila Elgrably who provide a helping hand in all his quest. They later migrated to the US in 1981.

Step by step to His Philanthropy Goals

Adam Milstein had an intuitive understanding that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. He joined Hager Pacific properties as a sales agent. But later he arose the rank to be the company’s managing partner.

In the course of his service at Hager, Adam Milstein was introduced to philanthropic work. He began to use his resources to set a legacy. Together with his supportive wife, the family coined Adam and Gila family foundation which reach out to the Israelites and their organization.

Milstein Foundation

The foundation is supportive of organizations as well as numerous activities that serve Jews and Israel Americans.

True to its mission, the foundation empowers the Israelites and Jewish by building a stronger relationship between them and the US. As a way of preserving Jewish culture, the foundation educates the youths on Judaism and more specifically how they can identify and hold to their identity

The Outline

Adam Milstein’s philanthropy extends beyond his foundation. Therefore, he serves in an array of Israel centered organizations in the US as a board member. Concurrently, it is evident that he uses his family foundation to foster healthy relationships in his community.