Success Academy Wins On Two Fronts In 2017

The Success Academy has been achieving many things in 2017 with the network of charter schools winning the Broad Prize for charter schools that have worked to develop educational opportunities for disadvantaged students from a range of minority groups; the Broad Prize brings with it a $250,000 award that will be of assistance to the network of charter schools as they move into the next level of planned development that will see the Success Academy expand from 41 schools to more than 100. If the planned expansion of the chart school system can be completed to allow more than 50,000 students to attend the Success Academy would be of a size similar to public school systems in Atlanta and Boston.

Mission Possible



Not only has the Success Academy achieved this prize, but the school network founded a decade ago by Eva Moskowitz has also seen the first stage of a legal victory over what it feels are the unfair practices of the New York Mayor and Education department. An Appellate Court ruled in favor of Success academy in its fight to overturn a decision to take away its right to take part in a New York City operated Pre K program for four year olds; Success Academy withdrew from the program when New York City education officials implemented a series of rules on the school network about how its students would be educated.


The Appellate Court ruled on the side of Success Academy as the school network successfully argued New York officials had the right to inspect the school, but not to set rules and curriculum guidelines. As Success Academy last year received around 17,000 applications for just over 3,000 available spaces awarded by lottery, Eva Moskowitz has argued the New York Mayor has been fighting an unfair battle to halt the expansion of the Broad Prize winning school. Moskowitz and her fellow Success Academy officials revealed they had planned to expand into empty public school spaces to allow a greater number of children to enter the charter schools network, but had not been permitted to expand as Mayor de Blasio was refusing to provide any extra space despite the growing number of children wishing to attend the charter school system.

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