Securus Technologies Wins In Drone Detection And Stevie Awards

Securus Technologies has been working hard to offer yet another piece of technology to the public buildings and penal institutions Securus manages. Drone use for illegal activities has been on the rise. Drones have been seen in the skies around penal institutions. These drones have ferrying in contraband for inmates such as drugs, phones, and weapons. Securus Technologies has been aware of this issue and has worked for over a year streamlining new technology that can detect the presence of drones around the parameter of a facility and effectively block the drone transmission.


Securus has been partnering with other technological companies to engineer this program. Drone Detection works in much the same way as the Securus Wireless Containment System with an antenna system that is digital. So far Drone Detection is in the testing stage, but the initial numbers that are coming back look very encouraging. With more testing the technology will become more streamlined and efficient.


Securus Technologies has been crafting a solid reputation as a reputable company. This year Securus has been working harder than ever to ensure quality customer service and that hard work has paid off with winning three Stevie Awards at this February’s award service. Out of 2500 nominations, Securus has won a Gold Service award for Customer Service Complaints team. A Securus staffer, Zelperita Jackson, has won a Silver Stevie for her customer service efforts. And a Bronze Stevie was won by the “Video Visitation” team for their dedication to customer service andcresolution of complaints. Securus’s headquarters with a state of the art call center is based in Texas. Securus serves the public sector with safety and security software, management of information, investigation, emergency response, and handles communication for over 1,000,000 inmates on a daily basis.


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