Securus Technologies Securing the Lives of Prison Officers with Wireless Containment System Technology has affected all aspects of our lives. It has made our lives much easier and helps us get

Technology has affected all aspects of our lives. It has made our lives much easier and helps us get things done easily and efficiently. But, if the technology is put in the wrong hands, it does more bad than good. Let me give you an example of a cell phone. It helps connect people from different parts of the world and help overcome many problems. But, cell phones are also being used by criminals and drug dealers to spread their operations around the world. Even in places where cell phones are prohibited, they can pose threats to human lives. Criminals have been using contraband inside the prison to carry out illegal activities even after being locked inside the prison. They can control their operations as they would have done outside.


It is where the efforts of Securus Technologies come into play. Their wireless containment systems are being utilized by many prisons to prevent the inmates from making calls outside the prison. The company sets up a cell phone network inside the prisons that allow calls from known numbers and blocks all others numbers. The technology has helped block more than 1.7 million illegal calls from inmates so far.


Cell phones being used by inmates pose a threat to the life of the life of security officers and their family members. The story of Robert Johnson is the one that has helped Securus Technologies to develop advanced technologies that can make prisons safer and can keep the phones away from the inmates. Robert Johnson was an officer in the Lee Correctional Institution where his job was to prevent the inmates from using cell phones and confiscate as many as he could found. It was in the early morning of March 5, 2010, that a few intruders entered his house and shot him multiple times in the hallway while his wife was sleeping in the bedroom. Just a few weeks back, he had caught a large consignment of contraband that was to arrive in the prison for the inmates and had angered many of them.


Even though he spent a few weeks in the hospital, Robert survived the attack, and the ex-convict, Sean Echols, who was responsible for the attack was convicted of attempted murder. Some people contacted him using a contraband cell phone and asked him to kill Robert. The attack has motivated Robert to help solve the problem of contraband cell phones in prison. Robert currently works as a freelancer with Securus Technologies and assisting the company to develop Wireless Containment System to identify the usage of cell phones in prison. Over the years, Securus Technologies has helped prisons become safer not just inside but also for the officers and their loved ones.



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