Ricardo Tosto speaks about 13,254 law which provides regularization of possessions abroad. This law is also referred to as regulation of properties abroad. The law which has been operational since January 2016 unties the way for a practical exchange between foreign attorneys and great Brazilian lawyers.Ricardo Tosto together with his partner Gil Vicente Gama states that law 13,254 unbolts the bond between foreign lawyers and the national lawyers. This will ease progression and procedures concerning particularities between two or more nations. He claims that the law took long before the Congress approved it. In the beginning, the project could attract a levy rate of 17.5% together with a fine of 17.5%. This sum would be taxed at the present exchange rate.

But after the debate, a new suggestion that could cut the income tariff rate to 15% and 15% fine was suggested by Mr. Manoel Junior.Ricardo Tosto also explains that the exchange rate which was set for 2014 December could drop to around 20% as compared to the proposed 30% on properties due to the variance between the present exchange percentage and the one for the period suggested by Mr. Manoel.As per Ricardo, the corporation between state and international lawyers becomes important in harmonizing the rules and map persons who want to retain their properties hidden. He suggests that inquiries should be done on the source of the properties and the motive behind the individuals keeping them concealed from the Government of Brazilian.

According to Tosto, the Asset repatriation scheme is the aspect in controlling the state of those who possess illegal money abroad; since it is law-breaking for an individual to have resources overseas without the knowledge of the Brazilian duty authorities.Ricardo Tosto is a great capitalist of Brazilian law. He was born on 11th March 1963. Ricardo has an excellent educational history. He is a graduate of Presbiteriana Mackenzie Universidade with a degree in law and a Business Administration extension from Fundacao Armando Alvares Penteado. He is known in the markets particularly for his presentation in high value and complex lawsuits, which has produced an excellent status.


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