Planet one business professional awards gives Troy McQuagge gold medal for CEO of the year

The current CEO of the US Health Group, Troy McQuagge has been awarded a gold medal at this year’s one planet business professional awards. The awards are held annually with the aim of recognizing people that have done extremely well in business leadership. The awarding of US Health group is an indication that he has done a lot to transform the manner in which service delivery is done by the company.

Troy was appointed to the position that he holds seven years ago. When he started, the operation of the entire group was somehow disorganized. The first move that he made was creating an agency that helped him redistribute the functions of the entire group. This move went a long way in eliminating the chaos that had previously characterized the operations of the company. When the company successfully beat the confusion, he was appointed to the post of group president. His excellent leadership has taken the company from one success level to the next.

The awards that he attended also look for businesses that are doing really well and award them. These include the public and privately held businesses, profit and non-profit organizations. When Troy spoke about the award, he stated that he was very happy about the recognition because above all other things, it meant that the company was on track towards achieving their goals, dreams and aspirations. He was confident that even though the company had been going through a few rough patches from time to time, they had improved greatly over the years and that they could do more with time.

About Troy McQuagge

As mentioned, Troy is the man that heads the US Health Group. For the past seven years that he has been at the top, he has really transformed the manner in which the company does business. He has close to three decades of experience in the field, which has given him the experience that he needs to successfully run the business. He is also very active in philanthropy and other charity causes. Troy is an inspiration to the business community and the society at large.




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