Peter Briger: An Integral Part Of The Fortress Investment Group

Peter Briger is one of the founders of the Fortress Investment Group. He is based in San Francisco, California, and was recruited by his colleagues to join the foundation of the financial investment firm. He attended the Princeton University when he was in college, taking up a bachelor’s degree that would help him in his future career. After he graduated from college, he continued his studies and pursued an MBA degree at the University Of Pennsylvania- Wharton School Of Business, a prestigious and well-known university attended by exceptional students. It was a huge accomplishment for Peter Briger to graduate from prestigious American universities, and right after he graduated, he decided to enter the business and finance sector.

Peter Briger will be working in the business finance sector for more than 20 years. During his stay in the industry, he will develop skills that he never learned from the university. Experience would also provide him with new knowledge and expertise, especially in the field of business and finance. He met the other founders of the Fortress Investment Group when he was working for BlackRock, a private investment firm. Together, they decided to resign from the company and establish their investment and financial management firm that would give them a lot of profit.

The Fortress Investment Group was founded in 1998, and with the help from Peter Briger and his colleagues, the company managed to transform in a short period. From managing millions, the company now has an asset worth $65 billion. Many people and business owners are putting their trust with the Fortress Investment Group because of their reputation, especially when the recession in 2008 affected the United States. The Fortress Investment Group is one of the few companies which managed to survive the devastating effects of the economic meltdown.

Peter Briger is a significant part of the company, and he contributed so much to bring success to the Fortress Investment Group. Today, he is responsible for tracking and monitoring the performance of the company, especially when it comes to the assets that they are handling. He is also the one who lead the company’s IPO introduction in 2007, which led to some of their assets being traded publicly. The Fortress Investment Group debuted at the New York Stock Exchange in the same year, with 8% or $600 million worth of their value being sold to the public in the form of stocks and shares.

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