Perry Mandera – An Advocate for Crime Free Neighborhoods

There are just a hand-full of individuals who are willing to give their time to curb or get rid of violence in our neighborhoods. Perry Mandera is just such a person! He has collaborated with the Police Athletic League and the Illinois State Crime Commission (‘ISCC’) to restore Chicago communities from the ravages of crimes. Perry developed the Custom Companies, Inc., and with its partnerships is working diligently toward a crime-free society (

Perry Mandera works tirelessly on the Chicagoan front lines to restore security in the area for all peoples. He and the agencies he supports check on the felonies committed by juveniles to compile that information in hopes of finding a cure of why the Chicago youths join dangerous gangs and their addiction to drugs. A great benefit that Mr. Mandera has fostered is the synergy that has occurred between the Chicago communities and the law enforcement community. Also, Perry Mandera and The Custom Companies is receiving a great deal of support from organizations and individuals throughout the U.S.

The ISCC is offering free training programs to help combat the crime issues affecting the Chicago area. Not only are they hands-on in working with the youth, but they also are seeking to reinforce existing laws to continue to control sex offenders’ violence, domestic violence, and drug abuse that is perpetuating the environment that many young people live in.

In addition to helping to create a safe society, Perry Mandera has a career in the trucking industry for over 30 years. He is a board member of the Illinois Trucking Association who has as also been seeking political action reform for the trucking industry. The main reform that the Illinois Trucking Association is seeking is about the Commercial Distribution Fee which heavily taxes the sale of every Chicago truck license plates.

Perry Mandera and the trucking association are supporting campaigns to either cancel the fee or to reduce the fee. Supporters are arguing the unfairness of the fee because it is aimed solely at heavy commercial trucks with a weight range of 8000 to 80,000 pounds. The fee creates a negative balance to transportation companies

Perry Mandera is a prominent Chicago area entrepreneur that has been acknowledged with many awards like Citizen of the Year and the Bishop Sheil Award, and he was named the Top 100 American Transportation Executives of the Millennium.



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