Why Beneful is Beneficial for Your Dog

Beneful is a brand of dog food sold all over the United States and other places. In particular, it is sold to loving dog owners who would do anything to make sure their pet is healthy. The Beneful is a brand of dog food name, however, has an interesting history. This is made more intriguing by the fact that, since the word “beneful” is about as real as “jabberwocky”, it has no definition.

The closest word to come up when searching online for a definition is “baneful”, but that’s because of the spelling. The word “beneficial” is a closer match to what a definition for the word “beneful” might be. “Beneficial” is defined by Dictionary as something that is ‘helpful, or having good results’. So, by playing around with the spelling of the word “beneficial”, the makers of the dog food brand “Beneful” have linked their dog food with the idea of being good for dogs.

Another possible word that “beneful” spun off of is the word ‘benefit’. The word ‘benefit’ is defined by Dictionary as ‘an advantage or something that is advantageous’. No one would be hesitant to feed their dogs a brand of dog food that plays off of the words ‘benefit’ and ‘beneficial’, would they? Of course not. For anyone not familiar with the brand, Beneful was begun in 2001. It’s been around for 10 years, so they have done something right with their brand. It’s sold by Purina-Nestle, and is sold in pretty much every big chain store – Target, Walmart, etc.


James Dondero Does More for Charity

With over 30 years of experience in credit markets, James Dondero is currently in charge of all the investment strategies and decisions for the Highland Capital Management company. The firm is one of the largest and most experienced global alternatives for the credit managers. Mr. James alongside his co-founder Mark Okada, manage $21 billion as assets of the firm. James Dondero is often lauded as the first pioneer of collateralized loan obligation.

Dondero sits in a variety of boards around the nation. They include MGM studios, NexBank and American Banknote Corporation. He also chairs the Cornerstone Healthcare as well as CCS Medical board of directors.
Before joining Highland Capital management, Mr. Dondero was in charge of over $2 billion worth of assets for Protective life a GIC subsidiary. He also managed close to $1 billion worth of fixed income earnings for the American Express. James Dondero went to the University of Virginia where he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in finance and accounting. He also holds various professional certifications including CFA, CMA, and CPA.

At Highland Capital Management Company, Mr. Dondero is greatly humbled to serve the public. The firm invests more to their immediate community where their employees live and eat. The company commits itself towards the realization of community change and goals through advisory board involvement, volunteerism, and financial donations. Donations are given to various non-profit making organizations and charities. Since its inception in 2005, the firm has disbursed over $10 million to different organizations around the world. These works of charities revolve around, education and community empowerment.

In 2016, Mr. Dondero created a partnership with Linda Owen. Linda was brought into the partnership to help Dondero expand his benevolent activities. Her objective was to make the charitable work and resources more impactful. Linda will coordinate her activities with the Dallas Foundation. It is this foundation that Mr. Dondero disburses fund to various humanitarian causes. The decision to hire a professional to manage the charity funds was informed by the need for transparency and attaining impactful giving. James had evaluated and felt that the company would not be in a position to handle charitable activities casually. A dedicated manager would help the firm to make the right decisions with the possibility of positive results.

The Dallas Foundation has been in existence since 1929. The movement was created to help improve the living standards of people living in Texas.

In every year, Dondero’s company donate close to $3 million. The funds are sent to organizations and movements that advocate for better health, education, and community welfare. In addition to these funds, Mr. Dondero offers some of his time to provide guidance on the operations of these organizations. His main area of the contribution being in the overall leadership roles as well as board service.

Highland Capital Management Helps Investors

The investment firm Highland Capital Management has established itself as one of the top financial services companies in the world. This firm offers a wide range of financial services and products that have helped a number of investors more efficiently manage their capital. Highland Capital Management has been in business for nearly three decades and has changed itself from a life insurance company to a full service financial services firm. With the assistance offered by Highland Capital Management, a number of clients ranging from individual investors to large corporations benefit from sound financial management on a regular basis. By having a presence worldwide, Highland Capital Management has emerged as a reputable financial services company for clients throughout the entire globe.

Highland Capital Management provides a number of services that help many investors get the most out of their investment management. One of the ways in which this firm helps investors is by providing asset management for institutional investors such as corporations and government entities. This firm will often provide oversight of things such as stocks, pension funds, bonds and hedge funds. With this assistance, a number of these entities will have the ability to make sure that they consistently get the best returns possible.

Another way in which Highland Capital Management helps clients is by providing wealth management for high net worth individuals and pension fund investors. Highland Capital provides services such as financial advisory and wealth management. The firm will oversee all of the securities that individuals invest in and make sure that they are investing their funds in the right securities on a regular basis. This firm will also help investors find better ways to invest their money through financial advisory.

As well as offering a number of services for clients, Highland Capital Management provides products that often help investors get the best results. One of the most popular products on the market are hedge funds. With hedge funds, a number of investors can manage large sums of capital and make a considerable amount of money. Highland Capital provides private equity securities that also help investors increase their returns as well.

Kim Dao: Pokemon makeup review

Kim Dao is a YouTube sensation and joined its vlogger ranks in 2006. She hails from Australia and travels extensively in the pursuit of her passion to share her knowledge with the world. Kim Dao is a beauty, travel and fashion extraordinaire. Reviewing everything from hair & skin care products, travel, makeup, the latest clothing trends and everything in between. In this review Kim is reviewing Pokemon makeup.Yes you read that right, Pokemon makeup. Learn more: http://inspirery.com/kim-dao/


On a recent trip to South Korea, Kim Dao stopped by the TONYMOLY beauty store to try out the latest Korean craze, Pokemon makeup. Among her samples were Pikachu and Jigglypuff hand creams which she compared to bananas and strawberries. Over all she was happy with the creams due to the fact that they dried quickly. Among other products, Kim Dao reviewed Pikachu nail polish, lip tints and cleansers, all of which feature different members of the Pokemon franchise. Overall Kim was happy with the products, apart from a face powder that she felt was not her color. So if you want to get in on the latest makeup trends then check out Kim’s video for the full review or check out her official website then click the links below. Learn more: https://www.depop.com/kimdaoblog


Pokemon Makeup

Kim’s official website

Solving mathematics for the future with Michael Lacey

Michael Lacey is a brilliant professor of mathematics at the Georgia Institute of Technology who holds a PhD from university of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, earned in the year 1987. He was guided by Walter Philip to write his thesis which was in the area of Banach spaces. He was born in the year 1959, on September 26.

Banach space is a field of mathematics that deals with vector space with a metric, enabling computation of vector length, as well as distances between vectors. The professor successfully illustrated a solution to the unresolved problem of iterated logarithm for empirical characteristics fun. Before joining the Georgia institute of technology, the professor, lectured first, at Louisiana state university. He then proceeded to the University of North Carolina which is at Chapel Hill.

He and fellow mathematician Walter Philip inspected the problem posed by central theory limit. This theory illustrates that in most situation when independent random variables are added, their sums tends toward a bell curve regardless of whether the original variables are themselves normally distributed.

Michael Lacey also conducted a study on harmonic analysis, which tries to illustrate how red light interacts with different wavelength.

Michael Lacey has also been applauded for his insightful contribution to ergodic theory which is concerned with dynamical systems that have an invariant measure, plus other related problem. His effort in probability studies has also been appreciated a great deal by the mathematical community.

Due to his impeccable commitment to his field of study, mathematics, Professor lacey was awarded the Salem prize, and especially because of positing solution to the subject conjecture by Alberto Calderon. This inference is found in Bilinear Hilbert Transform area of mathematics.

He received this award while at Indiana University where he had lectured for seven years from 1989.He resolved this problem together with Christoph Thiele in the year 1996, and together they were recognized and given this award.

At Georgia Institute of Technology, he received the Guggenheim Fellowship for a joint work they had done with Xiaochun Li. This is a fellowship that is only given to reputable scholars in the area of arts. Micheal Lacey was the recipient of the 2012 Simons Fellowship.

He got the Georgia Tech HSF-ADVANCE mentoring award that same year honoring his passion in instilling incomparable value in students and colleagues alike. Prior to 2012, Lacey won the 2008 Fulbright Fellowship, the 2004 Guggenheim Fellowship and the 1998 45 Minute Address. His talents and commitment are not limited to his country of work because he also received the International Congress of Mathematicians award from Berlin, Germany.

Micheal Lacey has graced the academic platforms of hundreds of institutions and organizations including Austria, Sweden, and Barcelona. He applies the same lecturing techniques to all alike without bias of nationality or standard since he began the profession in 1997.

Consequentially, multiple platforms honor and support his vision by providing funding such as the contributions from Simons Foundation, National Science Foundation and Fulbright Foundation. Other organizations the regularly chip in include groups of a scientific and mathematician statue that recognize and fully support Lacey’s visions.

Learn more about Micheal Lacey: http://www.laceyandlarkinfronterafund.org/about-lacey-larkin-frontera-fund/michael-lacey/

The Incredible Porfirio Sanchez Galindo

Sanchez Galindo was born in Mexico City at a place called Cruz Manka in the year 1975. While in Mexico between 1994-1998, he attended Instituto Tecnologico Autonomo de Mexico commonly referred to as ITAM where he was pursuing a degree in Applied Mathematics. In 2001, he enrolled in Stanford Graduate school of business where he graduated with the Executive education offered under Stanford Executive program. As a phenomenon academic institution it was expected that Galindo would attain exemplary skills and knowledge as it relates to the business executive. Additionally, between 2011 and 2012, Porfirio Sanchez Galindo attended Carnegie Mellon University which is an institution of software research.

Notably, the selection of the most outstanding and exquisite learning institutions in Mexico would be seen to place Sanchez in a better position than his peers, and it relates to matters of business strategy and operations, strategic planning, and Spanish language. Such qualifications and his commitment to excellence have made Porfirio Sanchez Galindo an asset to the society and in the business world in general.

Further, Sanchez’ business ethics, impeccable character, commitment to excellence and brilliance have provided him with opportunities to work in renown institutions not only in Mexico but other parts of the world as well. His productive career capacities and opportunities are a reward for the investment he has made of himself in character and academic qualifications to stand out from the majority.

In the year 2000 to 2006, Porfirio Sanchez Galindo worked in the ministry of finance in Mexico as the chief of Staff of the minister. Moreover, he has also participated in humanitarian activities like being a member of the Doctors without borders based in the US. This group of people offers emergency medical relief to individuals affected by calamities, diseases or conflicts.

Currently, he is the CEO of the editorial board of Televisa a position that he started working in from March 2016. Various reasons made him get that post, but the chief of them was to rejuvenate the proposals received from viewers and readers and also to ensure efficiency in the information channel processes.


Grain Free Beneful

Beneful dog food as always been a great choice to make sure that your canine companion gets the best possible nutrition in their diet. Great news! Beneful has now created an even healthier alternative to their normal food with their new grain free dog food product! This food is full of 100% all natural ingredients such as real farm raised chicken, blueberries and even pumpkins. These all natural products ensure that your dog gets the best nutrition they can possibly get! With such a healthy dog food, Beneful grain can be used to help shed those pesky pounds off of her best friend! Click here to watch video.

Beneful Commercial grain free has been designed to make your family dog love each and every meal while staying lean and healthy!


Career of Anthony Petrello at Nabors Industries Ltd

Anthony Petrello also known as Tony and is the CEO of Nabors Industries Ltd has a career that entails several aspects. First of all, he is the Chief Executive Officer, meaning he has the responsibility of controlling each operation. The major services offered by the company and the resources required for the operations to be successful include: land drilling, offshore, speciality rigs, rig equipment, drilling software and technology and directional drilling. As the CEO, Tony Petrello is responsible for making sure all employees and head of departments are committed to their work. As the president, he sets rules and regulations that guide all the employees. Before monitoring any operations carried out in the company, he ensures that all the required resources are made available. He works at his best to make sure that before any blame is put on him as the Chief Executive Officer, he plays his part. After provision of all required materials, Tony ensures that all employees complete their daily tasks.

As the leader, he insists that it is all about team work. He does his part by providing necessary materials and making payments to all his employees on time. This factor motivates the employees to work hard and complete their tasks, which in turn improves the performance of the company. Apart from monitoring the performance of the company, Tony also has the responsibility of monitoring their competitors. He has done a great job being the CEO of the company and is not willing to let that go. Other companies dealing in the same line of production are working hard, but Tony is working harder to fight the competition effectively. He monitors the companies and decides on strategies to implement to make his company unique. Tony is an active businessman who manages to undertake all his responsibilities, and from all the organizations he works with, there are no complaints but congratulatory messages for his good work.

To know more click here

Talos Energy Leads the Way into the Gulf of Mexico

Mexico’s recent reform of its long standing energy policy is already starting to benefit U.S oil interests. Houston based Talos Energy LLC, has partnered with Premier Oil Plc from the UK and Sierra Oil & Gas of Mexico, and begun drilling the first privately own off-shore well in Mexican waters in over 80 years. This is a huge step forward in terms of privatizing the Mexican oil sector, which since 1938 has been monopolized by the state run Petroleos Mexicanos. It’s little wonder that Talos Energy is at the vanguard of this newly opened market full of promise and opportunity considering its history.
Originally started as Phoenix Exploration by Tim Duncan and his partners during the height the Great Recession, the team developed a knack for finding and drilling only the most profitable locations. As the economy recovered, Phoenix managed to double in size by 2011 and was sold off. Tim and his team then formed a new company under the banner of Talos Energy which continues the legacy of smart exploration and drilling. Talos’s success and prosperity can be directly attributed to Duncan’s own personal work ethic and entrepreneurial spirit.
Duncan, who started his career as a reservoir engineer manager makes sure every employee is invested in the success of the company by offering everyone down the to receptionist a stake in the equity. His tireless work and late night company emails come with a clear message that he’s not just in it to make himself rich, he wants to make everyone rich. So then it’s little wonder then that a newcomer like Talos has attracted international partners and made so much headway into the energy market over the last few years. Despite it’s relative youth, Talos is not taking a backseat to its partners in the Gulf of Mexico. Talos has a solid 35% stake in the well, Zama-1, and will be in charge of operation. Drilling started on May 21st and is expected to complete in 90 days.

Foresite Capital the Titan in Healthcare Financing

Mindstrong Health specializes in developing software and devices to assist doctors in treating illnesses such as mental disorders. Currently, the company is developing Al-powered platform to assist in the treatment of neuropsychiatric diseases as it measures the patterns of the brain function using a smartphone. The Al-powered platform requires a huge capital investment to make it successful. Currently, the company has received $ 14 million in Series-A funding from hedge funds and venture capital firms such as Foresite Capital, ARCH Venture Partners, and Optum Ventures.

Mindstrong’s platform uses the patients’ speed of typing and scrolling on their smartphone to determine the level of their brain function. In addition, the platform can determine the patients processing speed and memory as it is designed to interpret the patient’s mood as well as cognition. This technology will assist doctors to measure behavior patterns of patients objectively; unlike before when physicians had to continuously evaluate the condition of their persons having cognition disorders. This technology has attracted health investors such as Jim Tananbaum, CEO of Foresite Capital. Visit Bloomberg to know more.

Foresite Capital is a venture capitalist firm with $1.1 billion in assets. Currently, the firm is investing in healthcare start-up companies such as the Mindstrong. According to Jim, the healthcare sector is growing continuously as a result the firm is collaborating with visionary entrepreneurs who seek to improve the healthcare through innovation.

Jim Tananbaum Career Profiling

Jim is an expert in the healthcare investment. After graduating in medicine from Harvard Medical School, he founded GelTex pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ:GENX). During his tenure as CEO, the firm was able to introduce two drugs in the market. Currently, the two drugs generate more than $I billion as revenues. However, the company was acquired for $1.6 billion. Jim later founded Theravance Biopharma (NASDAQ:TBPH). Currently, the company has a market capitalization of $2.75 billion. Surprising, Jim has founded other companies such as Prospect Venture Partners II and III.

Jim Tananbaum is a graduate in B.S and B.S.E.E from Yale, medicine from Harvard Medical School, and in M.S from MIT. In addition, he did postgraduate studies in M.B.A from Harvard Business School thus qualifying him to successfully manage venture capital organizations in the healthcare industry.

See more: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jim-tananbaum-a7562a7/