Open Society Foundation Receives $18 Billion From Its Founder, George Soros

One of the world’s most successful investors and most prominent philanthropist George Soros has given a whopping $18 billion donation to Open Society Foundation. The Wall Street Journal was the first media outlet to talk about the transfer according to an article on CNN on October 17, 2017. The foundation has already confirmed the donation. According to one official from the association, the process of transferring this cash has been there for several years.

The foundation has now become one of the largest charitable organizations around the globe. The only two funds ahead of it are the Bill Melinda Gate foundation by the Microsoft founder and Wellcome Trust. More reports said that the $18 billion that was donated is part of Soro’s wealth of about $23 billion.

The huge donation has now enabled Soros to control one of the most powerful philanthropic foundations in America and the world at large. Soros’ $23 billion net worth has made him the 20th richest person on the Forbes Magazine’s list of the richest Americans. According to one of the organization’s senior officials Laura Silber, the donation will not affect their spending. Instead, they will spend the money in advancing human rights, individual freedoms, justice, and democratic practices around the world.

What is Open Society Foundation (OSF)?

Open Society Foundation (OSF) is an organization that was started by Hungarian born American businessman George Soros with the aim of promoting democracy and accountability in different parts of the world. The foundation was started by Soros in 1979 using the money he had made out of his investments and is now present in over 100 countries.

Since the 1980s, the organization is believed to have spent over $14 billion. Over the years, the foundation has helped in the protection of the rights of the minority in different countries. Besides, minorities have gained recognition and have had an opportunity to actively participate in their societies. Some of the other greatest beneficiaries of the works of this foundation are drug users, HIV patients, the mentally disabled, and LGBT rights groups among others.

Who is George Soros and What Does He Do?

Early Life

George Soros was born 87 years ago in Hungary. During WWII, Soros and his family had to conceal their Jewish roots to evade the atrocities perpetrated by the Nazis. They helped other vulnerable people use the tactic to survive. After the end of the war, he left the country for England where he studied economics at the London School of Economics. He then crossed the Atlantic to America where he became successful in finance investment.


Soros’ first philanthropy work involved provided a scholarship to black students from South Africa in 1979. He then founded the Open Society Foundation to promote democracy, freedom, and human rights in different countries around the world. During the Cold War, he supplied photocopiers used in reprinting banned texts thereby promoting information sharing in the Communist Eastern Bloc. Even after the end of Cold War, Soros has continued to support various groups in America, Africa, and Asia. He is one of the world’s biggest individual donors having given about $32 billion to various charitable causes in his lifetime. and Follow him

Omar Yunes, the Winner of Best Franchise of the World

The 2015 Best Franchise of the World done on 5th December 2015 in Florence, Italy got won by Omar Yunes. This is a worldwide event that distinguishes efforts and courses of the franchises of various brands. In each country involved a selection is usually made which allows the state to present their best franchisees of the best brands. In 2015, Mexico was well represented by Omar Yunes and Sushi Itto franchisee with a title “The professionalization of the role of the Franchisee.” The primary goal of these competitions is to recognize and reward leadership, teamwork, innovation and implementation processes of progressive development in the process of a franchise. In additional, BFW seeks to motivate franchisee and promote various business ideas through the award.

During the award ceremony, thirty-four countries which include Hungary, Portugal, Brazil, Italy, France, Mexico, and Argentina got represented. The franchise was analyzed, and its impact on the network got evaluated. These areas included; how Omar has impacted the food chain, its knowledge contributions, any implementation of saving, motivation to employees and to what extent is it charged and the types of the improvements suggested to the model.

When Omar Yunes won the award, he recognized that the victory was not for him, but a victory for the entire four hundred employees of the thirteen units he manages and the company that permitted them to be innovative. He was just a representative of their victory. At the age of twenty-one years, Omar decided to become a franchise owner in the Japan food chain. Since then Omar has grown in knowledge and experience until he has managed to possess thirteen franchised units in Puebla, Mexico City, and Veracruz. These thirteen food chains represent about ten percent of the units the company he serves. Apart from BFW award, Omar has won the national chapter prize and more

Diego Elizarrarras, an organizer of BFW, informed the people that Yunes won the award because he played a significant role in the positive change of a franchisee-franchisee relationship and attaining a better way of management of the information and executing control panels that aid in having a better measurement of units.


Select Walmart Retailers Carry Beneful Brand

There are so many people nationwide who enjoy the benefits of feeding their beloved pet companion a well balanced meal with organic ingredients. Beneful has been a popular household brand for many families for years, and has real meat contents your beloved pet has grown to love. Beneful also keeps your pet active, productive, and heart healthy. You can find a flavor your pet will love from select Walmart retailers, and participate in the Rollback features for additional savings. Visit your local Walmart retail and the pet care aisle will have a variety of their original pet food products your pet will adore.

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Vincent Parascandola Career Profile and Senior Roles at AXA Advisors

Vincent parascandola is a professional finance practitioner at Axa Advisors, LLC. The company serves as a broker dealer in close collaboration with over 5,400 representatives from across the country. For the past 17 years, Vincent has successfully held industrial registration securities. Mr. Parascandola now works under the oversight of FINRA and SEC.

Apparently, Vincent serves as a senior VP at AXA Advisors and is responsible for various operations that include; recruitment, management development, productivity, sales, development, finance, and retention among others. Mr. Parascandola has accumulated over 25 years of experience.

Mr. Parascandola first began his career in 1987, serving as an agent. In 1990, Parascabndola joined MONY Life Insurance Company. In this company he served under various management positions both locally and internationally. Parascandola later joined AXA Advisors in 2004.

Parascandola served as the president at The Advantage Group, Equitable units that was purposely formed as an incentive for seasoned financial professionals. Prior to this helm, Parascandola was a co-manager at AXAAdvisors, New York Metro branch. In this firm he worked collaboratively with 400 other experienced financial professionals.

Mr. Parascandola is widely recognized for his exemplary leadership skills. For this reason, he has earned several managerial positions and awards in his career life. A case in point is GAMA’s Career Development and Master Agency Awards. Similarly, Parascandola is a talented orator with mastery of skills in presentations. He has addressed several forums including LIMRA’s distribution conferences and GAMA’s national LAMP Meeting. Vincent Parascandola formerly worked at Florida chapter as the president and chaired LIMRA’s Field Officers Committee.

Mr. Parascandola attended Pace University in New York where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree. In 2014, Parascandola delivered a commencement speech at his alma mater. Visit Pocomuseum for more.

AXA Advisors is one of the leading brokers, dealers and distributors of AXA Equitable Life Insurance Company. AXA Advisors runs on a network of more than 6,000 financial professionals, who are well versed with financial protection, strategic development, retirement, asset allocation and financial investments. The firm has helped several clients to wisely invest and spend their financial resources. Mr. Parascandola is a knowledgeable business person with rich experience in managing financial resources. Check out his Facebook page to see more.

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Learning About Retirement Planning with David Giertz

Failure to plan for your retirement results in a predicament. You, therefore, need to prepare for your retirement early enough to avoid getting in a predicament. Here are a few retirement planning tips from an experienced financial advisor, David Giertz.


Saving for your retirement is never an easy task regardless of your earnings. It’s hard to estimate the amount of money that will sustain you through your entire retirement life. Considering that your expenses will overshadow your income, it would be wise to save an adequate amount of money that can sustain you throughout the retirement life.


Investment can be a great way to pursue your retirement goals. Investments earn you an extra income even after retirement. According to David Giertz, you need to be aware of your retirement needs by the time you retire. Once you have identified your retirement needs, the next step is to develop a flexible plan. Retirement accounts will charge you a penalty of at least 10% for early withdrawal. The best way to maintain a steady income flow even after retirement is to complement your savings account with a brokerage account. That gives you access to bond markets where you can trade these commodities for profit.

About David Giertz

David Luther Giertz works at Nationwide Investment Services Corporation as a financial advisor. He has over 31 years of experience in the financial services industry. He is registered as a broker-dealer with FINRA as well as a business coach with WABC. He has held the position of the President of Nationwide since 2013. He holds an MBA and a Bachelor of Science from the University of Miami and Millikin University respectively. In fact, he ranks among the most experienced financial advisors in the United States. Having worked with several companies with a proven track record of success, David Giertz is a visionary and inspirational leader.

Go Dark With the Newest Unicorn Hair Dyes from Lime Crime

Blondes have seemingly had all the fun with the unicorn hair trend with pastel pinks and baby blues that would never show up on darker hair.

Lime Crime hasn’t forgotten brunettes beauties and raven-haired mavens. They’ve recently released four new deeper, darker pigments for their Unicorn Hair line of hair color. As with all of their products, these are vegan friendly and certified by PETA and Leaping Bunny. They’re made in the USA, in Los Angeles, so you can be confident in the quality and safety of all of their ingredients.

If your inner unicorn is a bit of a night mare,then Charcoal is the color for you. This almost-black dye is begging for perfectly flicked eyeliner and a classic heavy metal tour t-shirt.

Squid is a deep purple that’s lovely on its own or would make a cute peek-a-boo surprise with an undercut. This ultra violet tone is the right balance of tough and pretty, making it the right color for someone who likes leather and glitter equally.

The jewel-obsessed unicorn might toss her glorious mane colored with Sea Witch, an emerald green with the slightest blue tone to it. Paired with Lime Crime Diamond Crusher lipstick in “black unicorn”, this would be devastatingly gorgeous.

Potentially the most glamorous of their four new shades is Chestnut, a deep maroon that will have you looking like a fantasy come to life with a rose gold necklace and a nude matte lip.

Since hair trends can be gone almost as soon as you’ve caught on to them, these dyes are semi-permanent. They’re all designed to fade beautifully with repeated washing without looking washed-out.

The new shades of Lime Crime Unicorn Hair colors are available along with the rest of their Unicorn Hair line at their website, or at select beauty retailers.

Fabletics Boost Online E-commerce Sales

Kate Hudson is a well-known actress. Kate Hudson is also a woman that prefers clothing, with quality and style. Consequently, the actress decided to join with two others and start Fabletics. A trendy clothing line that produces athletic-wear clothing that is high quality, stylish, and affordable. Of course, competition is heavy online. Fabletics is going head to head with big sales leaders like Amazon. Surprisingly, Fabletics is slowly but surely winning the online fashion sales race against online giants like Amazon. In 3 years, Fabletics has turned into a $250 million dollar business with their smart marketing tactics like the reverse showroom technique.


Fabletics Success

Many Fabletic fans might wonder about the key to Fabletics amazing success. Certainly, their success is due to the high-quality clothing line, affordable prices, and great customer service. They also are a subscription service that is a vital part of the active-wear trend. Still, the main force behind their success is their reverse showroom strategy. They recognize that the average consumer goes online to look for products, services, or the best deals. Once they find that product, service, or great deal they like to visit the brick and mortar store to really find out more and make a purchase. Fabletics made it easy for customers to find good deals online and go to a Fabletics’ store in their community to make the purchase. This has led to their success and attracting more customers.


Fabletics Great Fashion And Affordable Price

Fabletics sales are stronger than ever. Their sales are continuing to astound the clothing world. Fabletics is a company that has their finger on the pulse of the fashion industry. Kate Hudson states that she recognizes new trends and adapts them to her clothing line. Certainly, Kate Hudson likes to live an active lifestyle and has great fashion sense. Kate Hudson and her cofounder’s remark that their goal was to create the best looking fashion line available online at an affordable price that reflected Hudson’s great fashion sense.


Fabletics Future

The unique Fabletics strategy to adopt the reverse showroom technique is working for the company. Now, they are planning to expand and open more high-quality brick and mortar stores in the future. The fashion membership store would like to invite anyone interested in their athletic-wear line of clothing to visit the Fabletics site and take the Lifestyle Quiz to discover which Fabletics gear suits their style.

James Dondero, the HCM and Charitable Endeavors

Aside from being well-known in the regional area of Dallas for his business and investment acumen, Mr. James Dondero’s life is also known for his many projects in charitable ventures, one of which being the Dallas Zoo.

James Dondero and His Philanthropic Endeavors

Having been forced to close down the hippo exhibit around 15 years ago when the only hippo died, the Dallas community found itself in a bind. However, thanks to the generosity of James Dondero, and more than a little help from the Highland Capital Management(HCM) group, more than $1 million found its way into the estimated $14 million project to build a 5,000-foot “Highland Capital Lodge” which gives hippo-lovers a panoramic view of the creatures. Needless to say, both Dallas and a new infusion of hippos are delighted.

Having stated at various times that he and his company want to help take Dallas into its future, James Dondero takes pride in promoting educational experiences for the general Dallas public that will both thrill and help educate the community in real-life wildlife conservation efforts.

In addition to a world-class zoo for the community, Dondero’s charitable pursuits take him into various other projects and initiatives. Organizations such as the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Institute, the Perot Museum of Natural Science, the Snowball Express, the Education is Freedom Charity, Uplift Education and the SMU’s Tower Scholars Program all have benefited from James Dondero and the HCM group’s focus.

Furthermore, Mr. Dondero also works with the Dallas Foundation in helping North Texas communities in converging with more donors and nonprofit groups in the areas of health, education, animal interests and community social services. In this unique gathering of interests, there will be a permanent full-time official in charge of giving guidance to many of the organizations supported by Dondero and the HCM organization.

About Highland Capital Management (HCM)

Founded in 1993 by Mr. James Dondero and Mr. Mark Okada, and headquartered in the city of Dallas, the Highland Capital Management(HCM) organization has a combined asset base of about $17 billion and offers HCM’s products in the realm of separate accounts, CLOs, hedge funds, private equity funds, mutual funds, REITs, ETFs and other investment vehicles.

Mr. Dondero is also Chairman of NexBank, Cornerstone Healthcare, and CCS Medical and serves as a board member of American Banknote and MGM Studios.

Market America Convention 2017- Acquire the right knowledge and attitude needed to succeed

Market America Unfranchise is a business, model that have given a lot of people an opportunity make an extra income. However, the success of this platform has been a subject of discussions from various quarters. Some people have been able to make a living out of the business while for others it has not been that good. The difference between these two categories of people is the attitude that they apply in making their products on the platform sell. There is a lot of right information about Market America Unfranchise out there, but there is still a lot of negative energy by people who have not been successful with the platform.

People who fail normally think that the business model does not work. However, according to the vice president of sales at Market America, Jim Winkler, those who fail to make money from the platform are people who come with a bad attitude towards the business. If in your mind there is a lot of negativity about the business, it means that you will never give the business 100 percent effort that it required. Determination matters a lot for one to succeed. People who possess the right attitude will go out of their way to ensure that they explore all means that can assure them of profits.

People with the right knowledge and attitude will focus on ensuring that they make the right business decisions. People who want to make money on the platform must have the right traits. For one to acquire knowledge, it must be from the right sources. People who go looking for information from unverified sources will always be at risk of not doing the right thing. Jim adds that success in the platform is only guaranteed to those who work hard. Market America Convention 2017 is one of the events that people should attend to get the right information.

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Adam Goldenberg Iconic Leadership at JustFab

The co-CEO of JustFab as of late propelled the association’s El-Segundo participation form line on Instagram. The serial business person has made a great showing with regards to in making fruitful new companies, one after the following. This pattern began route in 1999. His first outstanding achievement came at the turn of the thousand years. Adam sold his scarcely two-year-old gaming system, Gamer’s Alliance, to Intermix Media.

The Beginning

The business continues from the gaming system empowered him to enhance his portfolio further and develop his interests. In 2006, Adam got credited with the establishing of the Internet marking establishment known as Intelligent Beauty. This firm in the end made ready for the setting up of JustFab.

JustFab began in 2010, and amazingly, by 2014, the foundation had just figured out how to procure well finished $55 million in capital subsidizing. Adam Goldenberg’s past accomplishments filled in as the genuine icing to the cake. They as of late bought the shoe making business, ShoeDazzle, to the establishment. Asides, JustFab has cut a name for themselves for being the main form line which particularly targets VIPs both in the US and around the world.

Adjusting Quickly

As of late, the co-CEO held a meeting with Built in LA and here are a portion of the fascinating provisos embraced in the discussions. One of the primary remarks, Adam Goldenberg made was about his organization’s capacity to adjust rapidly to changing conditions and patterns. Also, the CEO commented about his steady straightforwardness in featuring every one of the dealings inside his firm. To him, straightforwardness runs as an inseparable unit with accomplishing one’s destinations.

Client is King

The meeting delineated how JustFab dependably puts the interests of the customers first. Tuning in to clients has helped them in thinking of sensible costs for their items on Matrix Partners. For work searchers keen on working with the mold titan, the co-CEO helps them to remember the significance of being energetic about whatever it is they do. An enthusiastic specialist is self-inspired and ever decided.

In the meeting, Adam uncovered a key fixing to the achievement of his firm. They have constantly given careful consideration to what they are offering rather than fixating on the most proficient method to drive up the deals. Quality starts things out, and that is the thing that has made the organization such an example of overcoming adversity at

Adam is one of the three co-proprietors of JustFab. The organization has developed to now have a valuation of near $300 million. Adam has remained companions with Don Ressler for a very long time. Together, they have put resources into many new companies for the most part centered around web based business retail.