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I cannot keep up with all the action that occurs during these games. It is difficult to know who is even playing next sometimes. That is why I check out and see the game stats first. It is truly one of the best possible websites for people that just getting accustomed to playing bets online. I was a little scared about placing bets online, but I have discovered that Covers has everything that you could possibly need. I have looked at the different types of bets that have been placed, and I know that is one of those websites that gives people some variety. I can place bets on multiple games. I have the ability to play the winning streak game, and this is a great game to play during March Madness. I have even been able to get involved in some office pools online. This has given me such a nice amount of variety for the games that I am playing.

Covers has made it possible for me to take the information that I receive from these games and make much better bets. March Madness odds can get a bit confusing. Teams are eliminated so quickly. People can watch the basketball games and still not get all the information that they need for placing bets. This is because there are so many games being played at the same time. I appreciate Covers though because this is the website that gives people the golden opportunity to place bets based on real-time stats. I like this way that Covers is able to help people place better bets by giving them access to a large amount of information. I don’t know if there are any other websites out there that have this much information. It makes me feel good to know that I have a website that has such great real-time stats on things like this. March Madness is a wonderful time to place bets on Covers. There are many chances to win.

Wengie Summer Life Hacks

Wengie, the Australian-Chinese beauty and lifestyle guru who is followed by millions on YouTube, shares her summer life hacks on this episode of her online video channel. Wengie is getting her fans ready for the warmer days so that her northern hemisphere watchers can take a short respite from thinking about the frigid temperatures.


Her first hack is for those who want to be in the pool, but don’t necessarily want to get wet, for whatever reason. She suggests that sunbathers use a “kiddy pool” to lounge in while drifting around in the water. It is big enough to lounge in comfortably, but small enough to avoid making others in the pool feel crowded. You can even keep your book, accessories, and snacks dry.


Wengie also explains how to keep hydrated while in the pool without ever leaving your wading pool island. Cutting pool noodles to the exact size of the four sides of a small plastic bin and tying them together around the bin creates a floating, portable drink station. Simply add ice and place your bottles or cans into the bin.


To keep your legs soft, Wengie suggests a homemade scrub made from three tablespoons of olive oil, two tablespoons of honey, and half cup of sugar. Then you shave your legs as you normally would and apply the scrub to your legs. After you have rubbed the scrub on your legs, Wengie says to shave your legs again, and you will have the softest skin imaginable.


Forgot your tanning cream? Not to worry, says Wengie. She advises mixing two tablespoons of ordinary cocoa powder with any type of body lotion. After stirring the mixture, apply it lightly to your body. There will be no orange tint, and a little baking soda will remove any lotion left on your body when you shower.


And the most fun hacks of all are the easy DIY glowing jars Wengie describes how to make. The only materials needed are glass jars with lids and glow sticks. Cut the end of a glow stick and swing the sticks around in the jar. Then cut the other end of the glow stick off and do the same. Put the top on the jar and when the sun goes down you will have beautiful, glowing jars, For even more gorgeous effects, use the insides of several different colored sticks.


Don’t let summer sneak up on you. Use Wengies ideas, gather your materials, and get ready to jump into your summer fun as soon as the temperature rises.

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Brian Torchin Started HCRC Based on the Needs of the Medical Industry

HCRC Staffing is an international company that was developed mostly by Brian Torchin to ensure patients get the very best physicians, doctors of chiropractic, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, Urgent Care, office managers, receptionists, public relations representatives, and physical therapists and physical therapists assistants.

HCRC also hires many candidates for legal positions, including attorneys, paralegals, legal secretaries, legal administrative assistants, and legal administrators. Torchin has many years of experience in staffing, opening, and managing medical offices.

Before he was the president and owner of his company, Brain Torchin worked first hand as a chiropractor. He founded his company knowing full well the challenges of both employee and employer in the medical field.

According to LinkedIn, Brian Torchin has been the CEO of HCRC Staffing since January of 2007. He has graduated from the University of Delaware with a Bachelor’s in Exercise Science, and attended New York Chiropractic College from 1992-1995.

If you were to visit Torchin’s Facebook or Twitter, you will see many posts looking to hire medical professionals. Torchin has published many helpful articles for both employers and employees on LinkedIn, such as “Top Medical Staff Interview Questions”, and “How to Hire the Right Medical Office Manager”.

In 2012, Torchin participated in a interview with James Roman from SearchtoSocial. Torchin says that one of the biggest challenges in staffing is finding the personnel to hire quickly.

According to Product Hunt, Brian Torchin goes on to say that they are generally able to find candidates for hire within 48 hours. He says their model is so fast because they email candidates, rather than have the candidates apply for the jobs required.

Chris Burch Is A Business Success Story

There are many business industries that have success stories. The industries contain business professionals that came from nowhere to become very successful in a particular business sector. Two business sectors that have many success stories from various business professionals over the years are the fashion and technology industries. While most people would never think of the fashion and technology industries as having anything in common, there are some aspects of the two industries that are similar.


One of the main aspects that is similar between the technology industry and the fashion industry is that both industries depend on creativity to push the industries. This creativity is what allows many of the people in the industries to become successful. Often, people who are successful tend to do things differently than most other people, this way of doing things differently can be traced back to the creativity aspect of the industries. Since creativity is a major focus of the industries, the creativity works to make people come up with ideas, concepts, products, services, and looks that are different.


With a common thread of creativity, it should not be a reach that technology and fashion have been used together on many occasions. The use of technology with fashion has been used by numerous fashion designers over the past few decades. An unlikely pair in the eyes of many, technology has combined with fashion to make some interesting fashion statements. The individual creativity of technology and fashion pull two vastly different markets together.


In the business world, there are numerous business professionals who have worked in the fashion and technology sectors who have made a name for themselves. However, the list gets much smaller when it comes to business professionals who have made a name for themselves in both the fashion and technology sectors. An individual who has accomplished success in both sectors is Chris Burch.


Starting in the mid 1970s, Chris Burch has been a success story since his years in college where he started a successful business along with his brother. Since his early years, Chris Burch has not slowed down. He has started several very successful businesses, and he has established an impressive business portfolio.


Understanding what makes businesses successful in a particular business sector is a challenge. Chris Burch has been able to make businesses successful in multiple business sectors by using an understanding of business that few business people have at their disposal.



“Dr. Jennifer Walden – The physician with a personal touch”

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a Cosmetic Surgeon located in Austin, TX. Born in Austin, Texas, she grew up seeing her parents working in the medical field. Her dad was a Dentist and her mom a Surgical Nurse.


After Jennifer Walden graduated from high school, she went to the University of Texas for a degree in Biology. Later, she reached out to the University of Texas Medical Branch and was the salutatorian when she finished her special training.


Leaving the state of Texas, she moved to New York, to continue her studies at the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital. Here she was instructed and guided by Dr. Sherrell Aston, chair of the department. She attended to patients at this hospital as well as the Lenox Hill Hospitals and New York University Langone Medical Center, where she was designated as the Clinical Instructor of Surgery.


Walden was on the front lines in bringing back silicone breast implants. Dr. Walden is also recognized for her utilizing cutting-edge technology in her practice such as 3-D imagery to allow a patient to see how they will appear before receiving the surgery. She has a technique for employing a unique system that tightens the vaginal area and Jennifer has created devices to help patients experience a more comfortable breast surgery.


Having twin boys and feeling homesick, Dr. Walden decided to move back to her hometown of Austin, where she opened her own private practices, fully staffed by women.


Involved in acts of benevolence, Jennifer is a part of numerous programs and organizations that benefit the hurting and disadvantage such as The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. The Circle of Red is a heart disease prevention foundation, in which she is committed. Food In Tummies (FIT), which enables kids who receive free and discount prices on lunch, to be able to eat on the weekend, is another one of her projects. All these charities are just a tip of the iceberg in how she is helping the community.


Dr. Jennifer Walden has been a consultant, spokesperson, writer, featured in publications, magazines and on TV programs and the news. Although, Jennifer is influential, has received many honors, and accolades, she remains grounded.

Are AIIB and BRICS a Conflict of Interest for China? What Does Martin Lustgarten Think?

China is one of the key members of both the BRICS and AIIB. But, could a “conflict of interest” arise, due to these multiple roles? What does investment banker Martin Lustgarten think about these organizations?

“BRICS Alternative Political Power”

As a Third World nation, China could represent the interests of the vast majority of countries on Planet Earth. This was a very lucrative position, ensuring that China would have a place at negotiating tables. Now, as an developed nation, China is a model for high growth.

The BRICS represent a different path for development from the European model. Each region has its unique languages, history and geographical characteristics. Even Hegel argued that geography played an important part in development.All in all, the BRICS group is primarily a political organization. These nations can work together at the United Nations, forming voting blocs. They can also support one another with bilateral trade agreements.

“Economic AIIB Model”

Once China became fully industrialized, it could begin to consider world organizations. With their economic surplus, the created the AIIB, which has memberships, like corporation shares. While the BRICS might coordinate policy, the AIIB will actually be creating policy independently and might replace the Asian Development Bank. In fact, some of the Vice Presidents, previously worked at the Asian Development Bank.

Wisely, taking the best talents from other banks, China is expanding its reach to new projects. The AIIB will also focus primarily on Asia with China, India and Indonesia taking important roles. Having China and India on both the BRICS and AIIB creates stability.

“What Happened to Communism?”

Isn’t it strange how all of these formerly communist nations – Cuba, Russia and China – are suddenly on the front lines, making capitalistic deals? What happened to Communism? Investment banker Martin Lustgarten can guide you in this topsy-turvy world.He can explain how certain investments will be beneficial to BRICS, while others benefit the AIIB. Investment banker Martin Lustgarten might also discuss how China is trying to achieve financial “critical mass” with both organizations.


Cone Marshal Streamlines the Process of Setting up A Trust in New Zealand

Cone Marshall Limited is a top law company that delivers tax and trust solutions to worldwide families as well as their advisers. It oversees the establishment of New Zealand trust, building of partnerships and businesses, and offering global wealth planning advisory services. Cone Marshall Ltd. does not deal directly with customers; instead, it provides services to family advisors, lawyers, private financial institutions, and other esteemed entities located outside New Zealand to empower them in dealing with their clients. For instance, the company can come up with New Zealand structures and will offer comprehensive local tax, succession, trust, and organization structuring advice. The company protects all inquiries made and keeps them confidential.


At the top of Cone Marshall’s management are Karen Marshall and Geoff Cone. These two individuals are responsible for guiding the company towards attaining its goal. The Auckland-headquartered company has cemented a high profile position in the corporate world as the reliable provider of cutting-edge advises on global tax and trusts law.

Karen Marshall – executive principal

Karen Marshall has a law degree from the New Zealand-situated University of Otago. Before obtaining an administrative position at Cone Marshall, Karen was based in London and led the Commercial Litigation section in one of the biggest firms in the city. She joined Cone Marshal in 2005 and rose to the position of executive principal in 2006. She offered advisory services to two statutory corporations on matters such as trustee’s ability to secure third parties by entering into compromises and trustee’s liabilities. She has served as a legal representative and advisor of many Charitable Trustees. Karen expertise in managing trusts range from handling concerns from Settlors and their legal representatives, dispensing information when the Trustee is a Company, penning down action requirements of Trust, and overall advises. On the other hand, Geoff Cone has unsurpassed experience of providing fully integrated global tax planning and trustee management services. He ventured into the field of trust laws and international tax back in 1980.

Geoff’s opinions on New Zealand taxing system

Geoff wrote an article in 2012 that demystified the assumption/notion that New Zealand is a tax haven with an extremely secretive banking system. The article trended on leading social media platforms such as Google+, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. He stated that New Zealand engages in sound business practices and observes the set rules and regulations. According to him, these features have made New Zealand an ideal choice for many investors globally.

An insight to Raj Fernando

Raj Fernando, a prominent American businessman, philanthropist and political fundraiser was born on July 8th, 1971 to C.K and Laura Fernando in Denmark. He is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Scoutahead Company. Despite being so successful, he had a rough time building his career having started as a volunteer at Chicago Mercantile Exchange while in college. After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in economics and history, Raj Fernando started at the lowest ranks and through persistent, hardworking and patient he rose up the ranks to the very highest position. This gave him experience in the financial markets field and eventually he started Chopper trading after several years of working at the Chicago Board of Trade.

In 2004, he decided to change to part-time trading to enable him to expand and grow his company. This imminent sacrifice was worthy as Chopper trading rose to become the technological powerhouse. During his dispensation as the CEO, he designed and managed highly sophisticated systems in the communication, security and communication fields.

Also in his dispensation, the firm grew and traded on a global scale. This led to the growth of the employees to over 250. The success of the company attracted other players in the field, as its growth was rapid. Eventually, DRW, a leading firm in the worldwide financial industry, bought it in 2015.

This was not the death of Raj’s professional career. He went ahead to launch aimed at providing accurate and reliable information to individuals and companies to increase professionalism. Through the exemplary performance in his business, he secured board membership of various organizations such as American Security Project, Chicago Council on Global Affairs, and Foreign Policy Leadership Committee at Brookings Institution.

Apart from being a successful entrepreneur, he has made played a significant role in influencing politics of the day. He has sponsored Democrat Candidates since 2003. He fundraised Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama’s campaign. In addition to the presidential elections, he has donated to Women Count aimed at empowering Democratic women who run for office.

Fernando also gives a hand back to the society. He serves on the B.O.G of PAWS Chicago, designed to protect animals and board of trustees for Chicago Symphony Orchestra. He has also provided financial support to other organizations; Clinton Foundation.

For more information please visit

Sustainable Materials Company CEO Says Brexit Was a Mistake


According to Flavio Maluf “Brexit,” the UK citizens’ decision to leave the European Union (EU), will prove to be a bad mistake. Maluf is the Founder and CEO of Eucatex, a pioneering company in the area of construction and other manufacturing materials that are Eco-friendly and completely sustainable. What is more, Maluf has been working to save the environment now for over 20 years. He is a well educated, smart new type of entrepreneur who has often made sage observations about conditions and events in the worlds various markets. He say the signs in the current market trends are clear: the world’s markets are sensitive to major changes in the EU.


Maluf notes on Facebook, that Brexit supposedly happened because of the double whammy of having to pay the biggest share of the support of the EU, and at the same time, no longer being able to charge tariffs in their business with other EU countries. This, combined with an increasing inflation rate in Britain, led to the historic vote for the UK to leave the Union. It is true that the UK supported the EU with the biggest monetary load of all countries in the EU. In 2014, the UK paid over € 11 billion Euros, or approximately $12 billion in U.S. dollars. According to Maluf, it is the rising rate of inflation that was the ‘straw that broke the camel’s back.’


Whatever the motivation for Brexit, Flavio Maluf believes the result will be growing problems in all the world’s markets. Ironically, the only country Maluf thinks will be virtually unaffected, directly at least, is his home of Brazil. That is because Brazil does less than 2 percent of their exports to the UK. Besides that, many of the current woes in Europe are connected with the Syrian war and having to take on so many refugees from Syria. Brazil has had very few refugees applying for help. However, there are many countries, including the United States, that will be deeply negatively affected in the economy. He has used his Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from New York University to great advantage.  Flavio also stresses the importance of investing in Brazil’s entrepreneurs.  Read more about Flavio himself on Wikipedia here:

Interviewing Betsy DeVos: A rare glimpse into the DeVos family initiatives

I recently had the chance to interview Betsy DeVos and had a long talk about the philanthropic initiatives she and her family have been involved with through the years, and it certainly provided a rare glimpse to all the hard work the family has put through for the community. The DeVos family was instrumental in building the nation’s first private school program in Milwaukee which has gone on to grow all around the country in tremendous numbers. The idea to help low-income parents in supporting education for their children came when Richard (Dick) and Betsy saw their own children go to school and met parents who were doing their best to provide quality education to their children but could not do so properly. I was curious to know as to how her simple initiative turned into a nationwide movement. Betsy was more than willing to share the story. Dick and Betsy got involved with growing the initiative in a better manner. Dick ran for the State Election Board and got selected in 1990 while Betsy started a foundation that helped children from lower income groups choose a school of their liking. Her hard work in this field has led to further evolution and development of the American Federation for Children (AFC) which Betsy now chairs and operates. The AFC is involved in promoting education reforms through the expansion of charter schools in the state of Michigan with the program expanding to other states like Louisiana, Indiana, and Florida. The tax-credit scholarship program was very successful in Florida with more than 50,000 students attending a school of their choice thanks to the initiative of AFC. Betsy’s organization also faced some opposition in states like Louisiana which was against the AFC’s initiative but Betsy’s tenacity and hard work paid off to reform the state’s educational mandate. On being asked about the effect of technology and how it’s creating new avenues for school going students, Betsy is of an opinion that digital learning is still in its infancy and has a long way to go but it can certainly be used to boost learning and education.

Dick DeVos is a second-generation entrepreneur. He is the son of the late Richard DeVos who was the co-founder of Amway. He began work in the Amway Corporation in 1974 and has been instrumental in taking the network sales company to great heights. Dick and his Betsy are also involved in the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation which started in the year 1989. The foundation is involved in giving back to the community with various initiatives like education, community outreach programs and leadership programs.