How Greg Secker’s Partnership With Other Players In The Corporate World Is Impacting On Communities

When Greg Secker entered the financial services industry more than a decade ago, Greg didn’t know that he would achieve the much success he boasts of now. Greg Secker is one of the most sought after stock market analyst. Through his ventures, the entrepreneur is enabling a lot of people to trade in the falling and rising money markets.

There are several reasons why Greg Secker’s solutions are essential to everyone. The first and most important reason is based on the fact that everyone is supposed to create a secondary source of revenue. This source of income can either be an investment in the currency markets or the rising and falling stocks. Greg’s vast experience and knowledge in the sector guarantees his customers success in the highly volatile industry of shares and foreign currency.

So how does Greg Secker manage to come up with highly effective strategies in the highly dynamic industry of shares and foreign currency trade? For a very long time, the purchase and sale of stocks and exchange of currencies were a preserve of the elite. An ordinary person was limited regarding knowledge, exposure, and capital to venture into the lucrative investment sector. Greg Secker discovered these bottleneck years ago and started a company called Learn to Trade. Learn to Trade breaks down the fundamentals of these industries enabling people to unearth the secrets behind the success of big businesses.

Through the utilization of cutting edge technology, Secker has been able to create Smart Charts and Capital Index. The former is a robust program that provides clients with insightful analytics on how various stocks are performing and future predictions. This approach to investment deviates from the traditional approach in which one had to acquire the services of a stock broker and trade in their name. The software helps in abstracting the technicalities of making investments in shares or foreign currencies.

Another sector which Greg Secker has conquered is the one of philanthropy. Through his foundation, the Greg Secker foundation, the businessman has supported a lot of individuals in acquiring employable skills and employment opportunities. In one remote village in South Africa, Greg Secker has been able to build a new crèche together with Richard Branson, the owner of Virgin Atlantic.

Arthur Becker Goes From Stockbroker to Real Estate Mogul

In an article on Huffingtonpost, Arthur Becker came up in the early 2000’s as a stockbroker. His greatest work, and first fortune, came by the way of investing in tech companies. Arthur Becker bought and sold tech companies until he was able to make a transition into the career that he had always wanted: a real estate mogul. However, there were more than a few hurdles that Becker had to leap before he could become the successful New York based real estate maven that we know of today. Let’s dig into Becker’s interesting career arc in order to really appreciate how far he has come!

Let’s jump back in time to when Becker was still looking for a way to transition from a stockbroker into a full-fledged entrepreneur. Becker wanted to utilize his fortune in order to invest in something big that could get him comfortable. Of course this led Becker to take a friend’s suggestion: investing in macadamia nut farms in Hawaii. Yeah, that isn’t exactly the first thing that you’ll think of when it comes to investing but the gambit worked! Becker was able to turn a few million dollars into even more when he sold his stake in the farms to a prominent cookie company that you’ve probably (definitely) heard of: Mrs. Fields.

According to The Real Deal, eager to parlay that success into more, Becker turned his attention to real estate. Specifically: Becker wanted to focus on real estate in New York. For a while Becker worked as the silent money man behind some of the biggest investments in the New York area. Becker was a silent partner for Billionaires’ Row which was developed by Michael Stern and Kevin Maloney. Becker also worked with Maloney and Robert Gladstone as well. Now Becker is looking to take his name to the next level by getting to the front of the building. What does this mean?

Well, now Becker is investing in his own developmental projected which is located at 465 Washington Street. Becker is stepping to the forefront in order to establish himself. The building will become an eight unit luxury condo that embodies everything that Becker defines in terms of style: luxury, art, and a boutique cover through it all.

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An In-depth look at Vincent Parascandola’s Involvement in the Success of AXA Advisors

Vincent Parascandola is the high-ranking VP of AXA Advisors. Vincent has more than 20 years of work experience in the business. He undertook his higher studies at the Pace University-Lubin School of Business where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in computer science. Vincent began working at AXA Advisors in 2004. AXA is a company that provides insurance plans to clients in New York. This company works hand-in-hand with more than 6,000 professionals who assist in the running of the day-to-day activities of the firm. His duties include:


  • Development of new professionals


  • Recruiting


  • Productivity


  • Sales


  • Management development


  • Retention


Vincent Parascandola’s career history


Before joining AXA Advisors, he served as the president of the Advantage Group, an organization in charge of providing counsel to financial professionals. Vincent began his career as a consultant at Irving Trust Company and later became an agent at Prudential Insurance. Vincent has also worked for the MONY Group as a financial professional and managing director. While working for this firm, he held various executive positions and served as the vice president before joining AXA Equitable in 2005. In 2009, Vincent became the president of the Northern Division and later the head of the Continental department. As the president of AXA Equitable, he was responsible for recruiting, compliance, and managing AXA Advisor’s operations in the Northern division. He also worked as the principal of the New York’s Metro Branch and was tasked to supervise more than 400 professionals.


Vincent has received various awards, such as the National Rookie Award, which he won at Prudential, LLC, upon excelling in his duties. He is also the recipient of the Master Agency and the prestigious GAMA’s Career Development Awards. Vincent is the chairman of the of the LIMRA’s Field Officers Committee. He also serves as the member of the Florida Chapter and GAMA. Vincent is a well-respected figure in the business industry and has spoken on various platforms about entrepreneurship. Among the occasions he has given speeches include the Pace University’s 2014 graduating class. Vincent has also given lectures at numerous conferences, such as the LIMRA’s Distribution meetings and the GAMA’s national LAMP conferences.



Fabletics Uses Celebrity Buzz to Separate from the Crowd

There is a lot of celebrity appeal to the Fabletics brand right now. Twitter and Facebook are just a few of the sites where there is a lot of talk going on about what Kate Hudson is doing with Fabletics. Now there’s another anchor to the Fabletics team that also brings about celeb talk. This new limited time connection is from Demi Lovato is going to be great because it gives strength to a company that has been able to thrive from celebrity endorsements.


Kate Hudson is aware that innovation is a big part of the key to her success, and she has been able to build her brand with a lot of attention from celebrities. Demi Lovato is going to bring even more young customers to this company with her limited time collection. This is still a work-in-progress that is coming soon, and customers are still on the lookout for what may develop with this upcoming collection.


This is a very smart move for Kate Hudson because it attracts more people to the brand. The fact that this is a new concept also provides more news coverage for the brand. That is how she is able to compete with Amazon. This is actually one of the similar things the Amazon is doing. The Amazon brand has been around for a long time, and people are getting the opportunity to see how Jeff Bezos promote his company. He is always coming up with new products to stir up publicity. The Kindle was created to attract consumers Electronics come up, but Jeff would not stop there. He would also bring forth alternate versions of the Kindle as he promoted the Fire Stick. Now the Amazon Echo is another part of the Amazon franchise. He does all of these things while also promoting clothing, skin care and an assortment of other products.


Kate knows that it can be difficult to compete with a company that offers so much to consumers. She realizes, however, that one of the best ways to compete is by staying innovative and bringing something new to consumers just like Jeff Bezos. This is what Jeff has done with Amazon, and this has served him well. Fortunately, the celebrity connection is the thing that brings forth some significant publicity that keeps this company from growing stagnant. Kate has to make her brand stand out from everyone else out there.


Make a school a better place with ClassDojo App

Class Dojo is a co-owned organization. The company came in to fill the void that was left in the education sector. That is before the launching of the App it was very hard for the teachers to contact the parents. Moreover, to the parents, they could not determine the level of achievement or progress their children were making in the school. More than 85000 schools have already become active users of the app in the United States.


In line with their ambitions, they have raised 21million dollars that are intended to help the organization achieve the best in the sector. It is in the effort to make all the persons gets the app in a more elaborate way. They are sure that the App will help the individuals in the relationship that will lead to a lot of success in the class and the outside class. In making the app even an amazing, they have beefed up the security. It believes it is an important aspect in protecting the growing children.


The App has gained a broad acceptance globally due to the immense assistant it has been seen to offer. Though the company’s 25 employees haven’t had any revenue generated out of the venture, they hope soon it would be competing with the other social media sites. ClassDojo Aims to have this dream come true by not attaching any revenue to the class related application. They hope they will add another add-on that may be used for a little premium. They believe the inclusion of the other features will ensure that it gains quick acceptance and enable rapid gains.


By the company well stated and written path to follow they will make it big. I am a believer that soon ClassDojo will be competing with all known social sites globally. Thanks to the founders for such a significance App.

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Susan McGalla Speaks About What It Takes to Become a Corporate Leader

Working ethics play an important role in developing leadership skills to reach the top of the corporate ladder. The percentage of women business leaders is low compared to men in the United States, but some women are making their footprint, regardless of statistics. Susan McGalla, a successful business woman in Pittsburgh, PA is a witness that women have the ability to succeed in the corporate world, as men. She knows what it takes to be a corporate leader and is now sharing with other women her life experiences of journey to reaching success. McGalla is a motivational speaker and women advocate with the mission of inspiring women to reach for their dreams through hard work, determination, adaptability and dedication.

Whatever obstacles Susan had to face while pursuing her career advancement, whether no presence of executive women or unequal pay, she persevered and worked even harder to stand approved. After receiving a bachelor’s degree from Mount Union College, she worked at Joseph Home Company for eight years. In 2014, McGalla worked for American Eagle Outfitters and served as President and Chief Merchandising Officer (CMO). While working at American Eagle, her responsibilities were managing $3 billion in revenues, e-commerce website, and four brands. She has experience in the retail and clothing industry, operations, branding, management, and marketing.

Susan McGalla also served as President and CMO at American Eagle Brand. In 2011, she joined Wet Seal and held executive position, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) before exploring entrepreneurship opportunities. She founded her own company, P3 Executive Consulting, LLC. Most of the companies McGalla worked for were dominated by men holding executive and board member positions. Her determination and dedication helped with the process of adapting to a male dominated environment. Currently, Susan is serving as Director of Strategic Planning and Growth for the Pittsburgh Steeler.

To show her support for women advancement in the workplace, she has spoken to audiences at Carnegie Mellon University Speaker Series for Chief Executive Officers and the Pittsburgh Women and Girl’s Foundation. Susan McGalla continues her support and is taking stance in forums to share with students and women the steps she had to take to accomplish her career goals.

The Mystic Hollywood

You wouldn’t think it but one of the growing trends among Hollywood elites is the study of an ancient Jewish mysticism called Kabbalah. The most important figure in Hollywood leading this charge is Madonna. She has opened up numerous Kabbalah centres and has exposed other celebrities to Kabbalah.The Kabbalah centre in Los Angeles is home to many people including celebrities struggling with various difficulties in life. Paris Hilton, after her breakup with Nick Carter, admitted that the Kabbalah Centre has helped her cope with her split. This Jewish mysticism is based on the Zohar, the fundamental text studied in the Kabbalah centre. It has a very treasured and holy place in the jewish religion. The Centre was opened up originally in Jerusalem in 1922 by Rabbi YehudahAshlag. Rabbi Yehudah is most famous for his translation and commentary on the Kabbalah and Zohar from Aramaic to Hebrew.

The Kabbalah Centre has since branched to over five thousand locations including Los Angeles. It holds special classes for celebrities including one on ones with special rabbis. It also holds special services and prayers. One of the central points that the Kabbalah centre tries to impart on its members is that the purpose of life is to help others with whatever means you can. For some people that can be a life of activism, and for others it can be a life of humanitarian. Many celebrities have used the Kabbalah centre as a springboard for a full conversion into Judaism including the late Elizabeth Taylor.

Despite the growing attention and rapid growth by the Kabbalah Centre, things haven’t always been so smooth. Many celebrities have treated Kabbalah as the latest hip flavor of the month to be adopted and thrown away. Some celebrities, like Britney Spears, have since transitioned to Hinduism or Buddhism in their search for some truth. It has also been attacked from the more orthodox sections of Judaism declining to endorse their mass teaching style open to the public. Undeterred by these stumbles the Kabbalah Centre in Los Angeles and Kabbalah Centre across the world continue to grow and teach people the hidden mysticism contained in Judaism.


The Journey of Dr. Jennifer Walden In The Plastic Surgery Industry

Dr. Jennifer Walden belongs to Austin. She earned her degree from the Medical Branch at Galveston, University Of Texas. She did her fellowship in aesthetic surgery at the Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital.


Then Dr. Jennifer Walden started her own practice in New York City. In 2011 she came back to her hometown.


Dr. Jennifer Walden has been practicing plastic surgery for over eight years now. Her specializations include breast augmentations, besides face-lifts and eyelid lifts, along with rhinoplasties, or nose jobs. She performs liposuction and does minimally invasive procedures that include injecting Botox besides the soft tissue fillers.


Today there are very few female doctors who would like to get into cosmetic plastic surgery. Overall, there are just around a dozen professional and board-certified female cosmetic surgeons living in Texas.


This may be because studies in the case of a plastic surgery qualification take a long time. Hence woman may not like to opt for it as it would mean delaying children. Besides, the culture in surgery tends to get a bit rough, and it does not really welcome women. They need to prove themselves all the time.


But she is happy as women have their advantages too in being a plastic surgeon. This is because most of the cosmetic surgery procedures are performed on women only. These women would always feel more comfortable if they talk about their body with another woman. They know that they would be able to get empathy that they are looking for.




End of an Era for the Chapstick

Eos Lip Balm is 95% organic and a 100% natural product unlike chapstick because it contains multiple artificial resources. There is no doubt, chapstick has been the most favorable choice for over multiple decades. Some may still consider chapstick to be their first choice, but Eos Lip Balm has beaten all the odds stacked against them. Not only is the Eos Lip Balm natural but also more effective and long lasting.

Eos Lip Balm contains Vitamin-E, shea butter, and jojoba oil. These ingredients are natural resources and are useful for the human body in every way. It comes in different flavors which enables its users to experience different taste with each flavor, Another reason for the success of Eos Lip Balm is that it attracted many celebrities such as Miley Cyrus, Kim Kardashian. These celebrities were impressed by the quality of the Eos Lip Balm and its magic, so they started promoting the Eos Lip Balm and recommended to everyone.

Every week, almost 1 million Eos Lip Balms are sold on Amazon worldwide. This shows the amount of faith people have put in this product and have bid farewell to the chapstick. There are multiple companies making the EOS Lip Balm, but not many succeeded because the flopped companies could not maintain the high standard needed.

There are some customers of the Eos Lip Balm who have complained that rashes begin to appear at the places the Eos Lip Balm is applied. Later on, it was revealed that the companies using cheap material are causing these rashes and not the major companies which the celebrities are promoting.

No one had ever predicted the end of an era for the chapstick because chapstick lasted a millennium and it is really surprising, the way Eos Lip Balm ( replaced it in no time. Eos Lip Balm is the best oral product on Amazon, not only to give the lips a smooth look but a better taste as well.