Dr. Saad Saad’s leaves a legacy.

Dr. Saad Saad is a respected and well known pediatric surgeon, he has worked in many health institutions and has saved many lives with his skills. Dr. Saad Saad is enthusiastic about his work, and this has helped him emerge as one of the best in the sector. He desires to see effective facilities that will provide the best services for his patients.
Saad is currently based in America, but his roots are in Palestine Kuwait. Despite being in the united states he has not forgotten about his people, Dr. Saad works closely to ensure youths and children in his homeland receive proper healthcare services.
Dr Saad explains how he got in the medical sector and his invention which has taken the sector to a new level. During his high school he studied in Kuwait this triggered the change from becoming an engineer to a doctor.
When growing up one is influenced by either parents or older sibling, this was no different for Saad, some of his older siblings had pursued engineering, and Saad got inspired. However, once he joined high school in Kuwait he experienced the hot weather Saad decided to change to a career that would require him to work indoors unlike in engineering, and this is how he landed on medicine.
This was one of the best life decisions Saad Saad was yet to make, since attaining his bachelors’ degree in Medicine, Saad has become one of the most sort after doctor for his services. He is passionate about his work and improving their lives.
After practicing medicine for over two decades, Saad felt he was ready to make a difference and leave a legacy; this led him to invent a catheter detector. This device would help surgeons identify where a tube is placed and be able to remove it with more ease.
Dr. Saad Saad’s invention is safer while performing a procedure a patient’s safety is one of the most important things and this device guarantees safety
Dr. Saad has taken the medical world to a new level, and his invention will be used for many years to come one thing he learned from his mentor years ago and has treasured it to date is honest, kindness and hard work these three factors have helped push Saad to his success. Learn more: https://www.vitals.com/doctors/Dr_Saad_Saad.html

Stansberry Research Helps Investors Call Their Own Shots

With changing times comes a new landscape for investors. Technological improvements and the accessibility of market research have made it easier for personal investors to call their own shots. But, financial advice is everywhere and forward-looking investors know that making decisions based on faulty research or the wrong analysis could mean making serious mistakes that will wipe out their wealth. This is where firms like Stansberry Research come in.

Founded in 1999 by well-known investment advisor Porter Stansberry, Stansberry Research is newsletter-based clearinghouse of financial research that gives subscription customers a unique, multilateral view of potential growth strategies. It publishes the opinion and recommendations of diverse analysts based on the most current economic news and market information, giving investors the up-to-the-minute data they need to take advantage of investment opportunities from stocks and bonds to commodities and currency.

Justin Brill, Lead Editor at Stansberry Digest, recently gave readers a bird’s eye of view of the credit bubble and what the government, the media, and the markets may be thinking, warning investors that high national and household debt are unsustainable and will eventually lead to a credit collapse (http://thedailyrecord.com/2018/01/15/gary-d-anderson-stansberry-research/). In his analysis, Brill points to the effects the debt burden is having on those with the fewest financial resources and challenges investor skepticism that a debt jubilee could be the way out.

In Stansberry Research’s daily letter to subscribers, Brill discusses a recent CBS news report highlighting research from Bard College’s Levy Economics Institute that suggests forgiving the $1.4 trillion in student debt currently carried by over 40 million Americans could add over a trillion dollars and a million new jobs to the economy. The idea that such a radical solution is being freely discussed at a mainstream level leads Brill to conclude that investors should heed Porter Stanberry’s warning that this financial reset would lead to an unprecedented devaluation of savings.

For concerned investors, the time to know more is now. The team at Stansberry Research plans to give subscribers and an ongoing, in-depth analysis of both the risk and opportunity this unique situation could create. Stay tuned.


Jeff Aronin – Fighting the Untreatable Diseases of Our World

Jeff Aronin became the president and CEO of the remarkable health care development and biopharmaceutical investment firm, “Paragon Biosciences”. Since 2010, Aronin’s firm has been able to develop companies created to help fight the deficiency in treatments of various disease that yet to have a solution, and today, thirteen treatments have been cleared by the FDA for take-off through Paragon Biosciences.

Jeff Aronin graduated DePaul University with an M.B.A. He also holds a B.S. degree from Northern Illinois University. He developed a huge passion for the idea of the educational system and with that and his background in entrepreneurship, Aronin decides to lecture at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business on entrepreneurship and also lecture on the same subject at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management.

His passion for bioscience came about during an occurrence with a physician. Jeff Aronin was in the process of shadowing this physician who was working with a pediatric patient at the time who suffered from seizures. Surgery seemed like the only logical solution. However, the physician would be able to provide an alternative solution through a particular medicine application that would be a sufficient solution for the patient and surgery wasn’t necessary. This decision, and how the whole process was accomplished, captivated Jeff Aronin and from this point forward Aronin would move in the direction of biopharmaceuticals and create a great career for himself in the process.

Paragon Biosciences has been a sweet smell of roses to its market since its start in 2010, developing four related companies that have made remarkable progress towards treatments for diseases that lack thereof (https://www.paragonbiosci.com/about/team/jeffrey-aronin/). The main goal for Paragon Biosciences is to improve the quality of life and prolong it for those living with untreatable diseases.

Since its start, Paragon Biosciences has developed four interesting and hard thriving companies: Harmony Biosciences – provides medicines for sleep and central nervous system disorders; Castle Creek Pharma – provides medicines for dermatologist conditions; Precision BP – provides medicines for genetic oncology diseases and Decade Pharmaceuticals – provides therapy for improved quality of life. Together, thirteen FDA approved solutions have been cleared for patient benefit.

Keep a clear conscience on the many new companies set to be developed by the efforts of Paragon Biosciences and witness the contrary to untreatable diseases.


Logan Stout Inspires Leaders

As someone who has always been inspired to help others, Logan Stout founded IDLife. This company is one that provides nutritional products to those who are looking to take good care of their bodies, and it sets such people up with personalized help for their unique needs.

This man works as the CEO of IDLife company, helping to lead it down a path that he feels is right for it. He serves others through the work that IDLife does and in a number of other ways.

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Logan Stout knows how to create a successful business, and he is someone who helps to train those who would like to start up businesses of their own. He offers others the chance to learn through his experiences. He trains those who are interested in running their own businesses, providing them with the help that they need to take their dreams and turn them into realities. As a businessman, he knows that there are people out there who would love to be running their own businesses but who do not have a clue how they can get started doing that. He helps those people figure out the first steps to take to get started working toward making their dreams come true.

There are people out there who speak on how to be a good leader. There are people out there who write books about what it takes to lead others and to do that well. Logan Stout is one of those people and he has partnered with others like himself. One man who has worked with Logan Stout as he has tried to help others become leaders is John C. Maxwell. This man is well known as an author and a speaker, and the two of them work well together as they help to inspire and lead those who would like to step up and lead.

Learn more about Logan Stout: https://patch.com/texas/across-tx/logan-stout-four-ways-idlife-changing-face-personalized-nutrition

Richard Dwayne Blair: Choosing The Right Investment Advisory Firm For Your Needs

Richard Dwayne Blair provides high quality advice and guidance to people who need assistance with financial planning, investing or wealth building. As an experienced financial planner and investment advisor, Richard has an established history of rendering top notch service to clients.

A good financial advisor or money management professional takes the time to evaluate his clients’ needs and determine the best way to help them with their financial planning, investments and wealth building.

Choosing a financial planner or money management advisor shouldn’t be a difficult task. It is crucial to do your research and check out the features and services that are offered by various firms before making a decision.

If you are searching for a professional who delivers on his promise, and has a lot of respect in the industry, then consider Richard Dwayne Blair. He has a good understanding of the financial services field and comes highly recommended.

Richard Dwayne Blair is a good professional financial advisor and works closely with clients to find out their financial goals and addresses their concerns and needs appropriately.

Richard Dwayne Blair takes into consideration his client’s comfort level or risk tolerance when it comes to investing. Richard also takes the time to assess his client’s financial situation and suggests appropriate steps to help his client stay on the right track.

Anyone who is looking for a reputable financial advisor or planner should consider getting a consultation with Richard Dwayne Blair. Although there are many investment firms and professionals out there it is crucial to go with one that cares about his clients’ well-being or success. That’s where Richard Dwayne Blair comes in – to ensure that you invest wisely and reach your financial goal.

Richard Dwayne Blair is someone you can trust and he strives to build a lasting relationship with his clients. Richard Dwayne Blair uses a proven strategy, Three Pillars Approach, to ensure that his clients’ needs are met. His firm, Wealth Solutions, is one of the most prominent investment advisory firms in the financial services industry.


Psi Pay Rewrites Banking Game

With so many different alternative banking apps and methods coming out in recent years it can be difficult to separate the proverbial sizzle from the proverbial steak, yet Psi Pay has made a name for itself as a go to solution for both business and members alike for its sleek design and easy to use interface. What truly separates Psi Pay from so many of their competitors is their core philosophy which is to let their business partners do what they do best. And this philosophy has clearly worked wonders for the company, as they can now boast a banking network that spans over 173 countries and includes 44 separate forms of currency. That level of international footprint, coupled with their responsive central team, is part of the reason why Psi Pay has grown so exponentially since their inception in 2007. For members of Psi Pay they offer three distinct and versatile forms of payment cards that offer the regular person a simple and easy-to-use entry into the world of alternative banking.

As a leading alternative payment provider Psi Pay knows one of their most important functions as a business is complete and total reliability, as well as a willingness to try out new methods. Perhaps there most exciting partnership in recent years has been the decision to develop a contactless payment ring in coordination with Kerv Wearables which happened in June of 2016. This ring allows members of Psi Pay to simply tap their wearable ring onto, for example, the payment scanner on the bus. Additionally, the wearable ring can be shut on and off and has a limit of just 30 Euros so they do not constitute any sort of major financial risk and simply make the act of paying smaller fees that much easier. And for a retail price under 50 Euros it is one of the few pieces of groundbreaking new technology that won’t leave a sizable hole in your wallet.

Innovation, reliability and growth are all words that could be used to describe the 11-year history of Psi Pay, and if their recent partnership with Kerv is any indicator there is only going to be more exciting things on the way. By sticking to their time-tested philosophy of allowing their partners and members to focus on what they know, Psi Pay can in turn focus on doing what they do best: providing a reliable AND groundbreaking banking alternative for members worldwide.


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Recent European Expansion and Doubled Chicken Production Will Ensure That OSI Industries Continues To Be Able To Meet and Exceed Customer Expectations:

Aurora, Illinois based meat processing company OSI Industries is a world leader in the supply of the retail and food service industry. The company’s history goes back to 1909 when German immigrant Otto Kolschowsky opened his family operated meat market in Oak Park, Illinois. The company was originally known as Otto & Sons. The company expanded steadily over the following decades and in 1955, became the supplier of ground beef patties for McDonald’s restaurants. OSI has continued in this capacity to this day as well as being the supplier for KFC. In 1970, Otto & Sons hired financial consultant Sheldon Lavin. Sheldon had a tremendous vision for the company and has grown it into a global powerhouse. The company changed name to OSI Industries in 1975 and today the company operates in 17 countries worldwide.

The company’s expansion continues to date with recent expansion to the European base. Part of this expansion has taken place in Spain where OSI has recently doubled its chicken production capacity. This expanded production capacity has now reached more than 45,000 tons of beef, pork and chicken products. This has been accomplished by the addition of a high-capacity production line in OSI’s facility in Toledo, Spain. The company has made a €17 million investment that has seen production capacity of processed chicken products expand from 12,000 tons to 24,000 tons per year. The overall goal of this production expansion is to add new products to the company portfolio and will serve to entice new foodservice and retail customers as well as to supports the continued growth of OSI’s long-standing clients. The company has made a similar expansion recently in the Netherlands with the acquisition of the Dutch company Baho Food. Baho Food is a producer of convenience food, deli meats and snacks. Similar to OSI’s expansion efforts in Spain, the acquisition of Baho Food has strengthened OSI’s portfolio of products and like the situation in Spain has increased the company’s ability to meet and exceed the needs of its customer base. This kind of forward thinking is what has made OSI Industries a global powerhouse in the food industry.

Contact OSI Food Solutions: www.mapquest.com/us/illinois/osi-industries-llc-7716434

What Heal N Soothe Delivers for Pain Sufferers

Heal N Soothe, one of the newest natural formulas on the market is believed to be a good source of pain relief. This all natural, proprietary formula from Living Well Nutraceuticals is now helping those who suffer from pain to get the relief they need without taking narcotics. The ingredients inside Heal N Soothe are loaded with plant based materials, and healthy enzymes that have been shown to reduce inflammation, swelling, and ultimately pain. There are multiple ingredients inside this natural supplementation.

Turmeric, one of the strongest natural pain relievers is included in the list of ingredients for Heal N Soothe. Cumin is the main ingredient in Turmeric that works to relieve inflammation. Although this is not an NSAID, and it is not an anti-inflammatory, Turmeric is known for reducing inflammation for those who suffer from conditions like arthritis, osteoarthritis, sprains and strains and tendinosis. Additionally, Turmeric is loaded with antioxidants, meaning that it can ward off damage to cells, and aid in the cellular process of repairing themselves. Interestingly, the root of this natural supplement can be used often in the making of medicines.

Another powerful pain fighter is Boswellia. This supplement is powerful like Turmeric, but it comes from a completely different source. The acid from the Boswellia can halt the production of leukotrienes in the body. These are known as a source of inflammation within the body, and they can be dangerous when they are not brought under control. The herb holds four acids that are key to reducing inflammation in the body in numerous ways. These acids are found in the resin of the Boswellia herb, and today they are still consumed alone and in blends like Heal N Soothe for a more powerful effect.

Ginger is yet another powerful natural supplement that is a part of the blend of Heal N Soothe. The miracle of Ginger is that it works great in the blend for those who possibly have a sensitive stomach when taking strong supplements. Ginger is available in various forms including powder, caplets, and it is enjoyed as a tea. It is used in Heal N Soothe as part of this proprietary blend to aid in reducing inflammation, but it may also improve the processing of the formula. Ginger is so powerful, that it has been used by some cancer patients to reduce nausea.

All of these work great for pain, but they work best in Heal N Soothe!

Jeff Herman on the case, Child Victims Act.

Jeff Herman is a distinguished advocate and trial lawyer for rape, sexual abuse, and sexual exploitation survivors. There is an effort to bring attention and help push the pass of the Child Victims Act (S.809). Quite a number of bodies including coalitions like “New Yorkers Against Hidden Predators” and personalities such as Actor Corey Feldman and Team USA volleyball player Sarah Powers-Barnhard are endorsing this bill.

Jeff Herman has been an attorney for more than 25 years now, and he knows all there is to the Child Victims Act. What are some of the changes associated with this bill? This bill does away with the criminal and civil statutes of limitations in child sexual abuse cases in the state of New York. It also allows a window period of 1 year for time-barred civil action lawsuits up to 50 years old to be heard.

The civil lawsuits in place allow for only five years for the sexual abuse crimes to be brought before the court. In the case of criminal cases, the five-year window begins when a person attains 18 years of age, meaning that you only have until age 23 to press charges or file a suit.

If you do require a passionate, skilled and aggressive lawyer for your case, Jeff is the right man for the job. Mr. Herman attained a Bachelor of Science (B.S) degree from the University of Arizona and Doctor of Law (J.D.) degree from Case Western Reserve University School of Law.

As the founding and managing partner of Herman Law, he has worked on quite a number of sexual abuse cases, and he is noted for his landmark $100 million verdicts representing a client who was sexually abused by a priest. The Miami New Times stated that Herman was the country’s number one lawyer handling sexual abuse lawsuits. The firm does not only represent cases but also provides counseling and support to the victims of sexual abuse crimes.

Additional information on Jeff Herman:



Todd Lubar; an Exemplary In Investment Ventures

He is a man with a knack for new ideas that work. The world of investment in America is yet to see a more prolific thinker. The life and career of Todd Lubar is laced with lots of adventure, and fortunately for him, most of his attempts have ended up in major business entities. Todd Lubar is the current President of TDL Global Ventures, LLC. The investor also serves in several other senior positions in business organizations including the Vice President of Legendary Investments.

Todd Lubar; Career, Education, and Background

Todd Lubar is an established investor with a bias for real estate ventures. He graduated from Sycaruse University with a degree in Speech Communications. Shortly after, he graduated in 1995. Todd Lubar headed straight into the investment realms. It is noted that he had a desire to assist others in the business to achieve their goals. He engaged Crestar Mortgage Corporation and learned something about the old model of Mortgage Banking. He used the experience to further his business ventures and make decisions that helped him achieve what he intended. Todd Lubar noticed the importance of networks. So he set out to establish a positive relationship with many real estate agents. In any case, the basis of mortgage banking is in real estate.

Todd Lubar Demonstrates How He got to the Peak of Investment

Recently, Todd Lubar was asked a series of questions regarding his businesses and what he thinks the future looks like in the real estate industry. Todd Lubar begins by noting that he always wanted to start and run his own ventures since childhood. He notes that he started engaging in trade at a tender age of 7. He says that he recalls selling hot chocolate and lemonade in Washington DC. He narrates how he experienced hardships in cold weather but fought through the challenges to continue with his business. Check out their about.me page.

He was further asked how he manages to turn everything he touches to business gold. Todd Lubar says that hard work is the trick. He explains that results are usually proportional to the effort one makes. He adds that when you couple business with a good heart, it pays off even more. Check out their Twitter page.