Thor Halvorssen Perfect Person To Lead Charge For Human Rights In 21st Century

Thor Halvorssen is the perfect leader for human rights advocacy in the 21st century. The man is 39 years old and has been politically active his entire life. His activism gotta start when his father was put in jail in Venezuela as a political prisoner. Then a freshman at the University of Pennsylvania, Thor Halvorssen helped Amnesty International and other human rights groups secure his father’s freedom.

His mother was shot in New York City for what she believed in. She was marching in protest of human rights abuses in South America when a security force opened fire on the crowd. It was Thor Halvorssen who broke the story in the Wall Street Journal.

The lifelong human rights activist also shot into the Zeitgeist with a confounding Fox News interview. Fox News, forever a right-wing propaganda channel, brought the human rights activist on air to talk about why socialism is inherently evil. Much to the chagrin of the interviewer, Thor Halvorssen expressed an incredibly nuanced political point of view. Socialism, he explained, is not inherently evil. In fact, he blew everybody away by saying that he donated the maximum amount to the presidential campaign of Democratic Socialist candidate Bernie Sanders.

It is his understanding of social media marketing that will really put him on the map. When pop star Nikki Minaj was offered $2 million for a private concert by the unilateral dictator of Angola, Thor Halvorssen took to the Internet. He penned an open letter to the female rapper urging her not to play the concert. Thor Halvorssen detailed all the human rights abuses perpetrated by the dictator of Angola. He also said that by taking $2 million from this dictator, Nikki Minaj was essentially stealing from the people of Angola. The dictator made all of his money by abusing his population and stealing his country’s natural resources for himself.

The pop star went on to play her concert, but anybody googling the incredibly popular singer was likely to come across this information. That simple act educated thousands if not millions of people across the world about international human rights violations.  for more.

How Does The Kabbalah Centre Encourage Spiritual Education?

Kabbalah Centre education in spirituality is a gateway to a new life, and there are many people who are coming to the Centre to learn about God’s presence. They want to see where God is, and they want to know they may find him if they stay in the building long enough. It is quite important everyone coming to the Centre knows they have a place to remain where they may learn. This article explains how the Kabbalah Centre is the perfect place to learn about religion without the need of a sect.

#1: The Bergs Opened The Centre To Everyone

There are quite a few people who come to the Kabbalah Centre every day looking for the solace that comes with the spirit of God. They want to know they may be comforted by what they see and hear, and they will be quite excited to know they may sit in this place for as long as they like.

#2: The Libraries Are Massive

Libraries at the Kabbalah Centre offices are filled with texts from all over the world. They call upon the greatest minds in the history of thought, and they will use their books to educate those who are learning about the presence of God for the first time. Anyone studying may find someone beautiful in a book they found in the library, and they may meditate on it for as long as they like.

#3: Who Learns The Most?

The students coming to the Kabbalah Centre regularly are learning the most as they are given a look at what the spirit of God may do. They will learn how simple it is to keep their studies focused on what the heart of God is, and they will meet new people who wish to help them learn.

Meditation and study are all welcome in the Kabbalah Centre, and prayer groups meet to search for where they believe God is. It is important that anyone who wishes to study may do so in a safe place, and there are many who will find it quite simple to learn on their own.

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Betsy DeVos Cares About People

In the world of Philanthropy, there are many people who are known for their financial contributions. There are people who give millions of dollars to help many worthwhile causes. Financial contributions to help others has been a way to help people in need for a long time.

There are a variety of needs that people have and Philanthropy has been and continues to be a way that money is provided to the organizations and individuals who can help people. There are levels concerning providing help to people. Each level has things that are necessary. The role that Philanthropy plays in helping people is the financial support. Charities and other organizations use the money provided to help the people who need help.

One of the people who has been at the heart of Philanthropy over the past few decades is Betsy DeVos. She has demonstrated a special heart and concern for people in need. Through the years, Betsy DeVos has giving millions of dollars to help various causes. She has developed charities of her own and supported other charities in an effort to help people. While Betsy DeVos cares about many causes and issues, one of the main issues that she spends time helping with is education. Especially public education related to young people.

Betsy DeVos has a passion for education. She is on the front lines regarding helping to make changes to public education that will improve the public education system. Betsy DeVos feels that making it possible to allow parents and students to use vouchers to utilize at specific schools will give students the chance to receive a better education. In addition to vouchers, Betsy DeVos has other ideas related to public education that she feels will make the education system better for everyone.

Her Philanthropy efforts involve providing financial assistance to students interested in attending college by providing scholarships. Also, along with her husband Dick DeVos, the couple has started schools designed to help students receive a better public education. As a couple, Dick DeVos and Betsy DeVos have giving millions of dollars to help people in many different ways.

Betsy DeVos has a professional career that has allowed her to contribute in many ways to making the world a better place. She has served as the chairman of the Windquest Group and currently serves on numerous boards. Betsy DeVos is the current Secretary of Education. For several decades, Betsy DeVos has provided money to various organizations to help people. She has giving of her time as well as her money to help worthwhile causes. Visit their foundation at

Betsy DeVos has a passion for helping people. She believes in education and providing opportunities for people to receive a quality education regardless of their social or economic situation.

Patty Rocklage – One Of The Most Sought After Family And Marriage Therapists In Massachusetts

Patty Rocklage is one of the most sought after family and marriage therapist based out in the Sudbury City, Massachusetts. Having experience of over twenty years in the field, she has successfully helped hundreds of individuals, families, and couples to improve their mental health, relationship situations and strengthen their ties with the loved ones.

As a marriage and family therapist, Patty Rocklage is known to have a warm and friendly communication style that helps the others to blend in with her personality. It helps people to open up in front of Patty and share their problems in a transparent manner. As a therapist, her unique style of communicating with her clients helps her to find the root cause of the problems they are facing. It is what helps in diagnosing the issues precisely and gets the problems resolved in an efficient manner, sooner than later.

Patty Rocklage graduated in 1981 from the University of Southern California and is happily married to Scott Rocklage. Scott Rocklage is a well-qualified man and has done Ph.D. from the reputed Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Chemistry. Patty and Scott provided financial assistance in the year 2016 to the construction of Building number in the MIT. Scott and Patty Rocklage bore the considerable portion of the renovation cost of nanochemistry and nanotechnology lab, and the Institute highly applauds their contribution.

The name of Scott and Patty Rocklage is imprinted on the lab’s vestibule as a mark of appreciation for their generosity and contributions. The couple received a guided tour of the newly renovated lab by Professor Bawendi and his assistant students. Professor Bawendi, along with the former department head, Sylvia Ceyer and current department head, Timothy Jamison, paid tribute to the couple.

Scott Rocklage, in one of the newsletters by the department of MIT, said that it was his honor to complete his Ph.D. under the mentorship of Nobel Laureate in the field of Chemistry, Professor Richard R. Schrock. He mentioned that it was a privilege for him to be inducted in the group of active men and women, who were active, ambitious and very smart. During his tenure at MIT and while doing Ph.D., Scott and Patty made some great friends, few of which are Jere Fellman, Clayton Wood, Howard Turner, and more.

Scott believes that his time at MIT contributed significantly to his personality and helped him kick-start his career in the right direction. The competitive environment at MIT, Scott believes, is also one of the reasons why he and most of his colleagues were able to give in more than hundred percent in every assignment. Patty Rocklage, as a marriage therapist herself, knows what a relationship needs for a life-long bonding. She shares a strong bond with Scott and puts in every effort to keep things that way.


Finding The Source of Attacks

It is almost inevitable that there is going to be an attack on the brand. For one thing, people have a lot of negativity about them. This is why it is important to be prepared in the case of any attack. However, just fighting against every attack is not going to be all that effective. It is more important to find the source of the attack. The source is the one that needs to be addressed. For one thing, taking on every attack could be like cutting away at the branches. It is better to get to the root of the problem so that one could take care of the issue completely.

When one finds the root cause of these attacks, then he has a choice on how he wants to move forward. Among he choices that people have is taking him to court with a lawsuit or just settling things with the source of the problem. Either way, it is important for the business owner to be able to take care of the problem so that he can move forward with his business and make sure that he is able to profit from his own business.

One thing that could be done is to search through Adwords or any other advertising campaign so that he can find anything that could be a threat to him from the source. One thing that SkyDiamond Media producer Habib Bakshi has stated is that it can be a quick solution. For one thing, the brand will have all of its problems solved within 24 hours. As a result, the brand’s damage will be minimal and it will be short-lived. Therefore, online reviews management is best handled with making sure that one has a solid foundation, and that the attacks are found at the source.


Wine Collecting Is Simplified With UKV PLC

Looking at the social media presence of UKV PLC it is clear the company is one of the most skilled and best regarded in the world offering a range of information from the most serious through to the lighthearted; the love of wine is something to be enjoyed and the social media posts of UKV PLC show the world that each and every aspect of wine can be enjoyed by people across the world at all budget levels.

Whether buying wine to start a collection, hold an event, or simply to drink and enjoy UKV PLC can offer a range of services to suit any needs.

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Wine collecting and investing has become a hot topic in recent years as increasing numbers of investors are now seeking the best ways of finding wines they hope will increase in value on what can only be described as an ever expanding market. One aspect of wine investing that is often difficult to understand is how to choose the best option for making and investment; it can also be difficult to make sure the wine being purchased is bought for a fair price and has a great chance of increasing in value. UKV PLC can assist with this issue and many more as they guide their customers through a world of difficult wine choices.

There are many different aspects of wine collecting and investing that are difficult to navigate for an individual who may or may not have a great deal of experience in this area. UKV PLC also provides a range of impressive storage options to make sure all purchased wines are maintained at the highest possible level; plus, when the time comes and a wine is sold UKV PLC also offers a service to make sure the investor secures the best possible price for their prized wine investment.

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How Equities First Holdings is changing people’s lives.

Equities First Holdings is viewed by many as a leader when it comes to offering alternative financing solutions. It provides traction in stock-based and margin loans in an economic environment where other lending solutions and banks have tightened their lending capabilities to put off come customers. The firm specializes in developing and managing effective lending solutions for the high-net-worth individuals and businesses who are seeking for non-purpose capital. Its primary focus is securities based loans and reaching all people from all walks of life and offer them a solution concerning finances.

When it comes to operating deal-by-deal basis, the firm is known for its hyper focused nature. It is focused to ensure the deal is done properly and there are no cases of fraud. Investors who decide to invest with Equities First are assured of a straightforward and tailored transaction that in most cases empower the investors to access the required amount of money efficiently and quickly.

Equities First Holdings is built on a code of transparency and integrity to help in the day to day activities. The firm relies on regulatory, lending legal and trading institutions when they require counsel. Nobody or any organization is perfect thus counseling is always available to keep you on the right track. One of the company’s missions is delivering maximum benefits that have minimal risk to help all their customers meet their financial and personal goals.

The reasons as to why the firm chose to specialize in providing capital to businesses and individual investors is the fact that they use equities as loan collateral for a period of time. If a person has stocks in a developing company and you are sure the stocks will appreciate with time, you can enter into a transaction with the firm. Instead of liquidating the individual’s position in the company, the individual can transfer the shares to act as collateral to Equities First and be given the loan he/she wanted.With Equities First Holdings, life has been made easy as they offer financial support.

Rona Borre : From A Lawn Chair To CEO

Rona Borre is now the well-known founder and CEO of the technology and finance staffing company, Instant Alliance. Instant Alliance assist clients in finding the perfect employee for their needs, and allows candidates to make sure that they’re paired with a company that best suits their qualifications. But believe it or not, it hasn’t always been that way for Borre.

 Rona Borre is now the well-known founder and CEO
Rona Borre is now the well-known founder and CEO

Rona Borre graduated from Arizona University with a Bachelors Degree in Business. In 2001, from her condo in Chicago, she began forming her company. In an interview for a Blue Sky article she said “When I started out… I sat in a metal folding chair I bought from Bed, Bath and Beyond, and it was the second bedroom of my condo in the city.” From that metal folding chair she founded the very company that made her name.

Under the direction of Rona Borre, Instant Alliance is now a one of the most successful, acclaimed businesses run solely by a woman. She has made her name as a leading female entrepreneur in Chicago. As the CEO of her company, Borre has been personally recognized as the Enterprising Woman of the Year award from Enterprising Woman Magazine, Influential Woman in Business by the Business Ledger,and The National Association of Women Business Owners, along with several awards given to her business.

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Rona’s work and success has been featured in CNBC, CBS 2 Chicago, USA Today, CNN, and Crain’s Chicago.

In the end, Rona Borre has most certainly put in the hard work and time required to make herself one of the most recognized and revered woman in business today.


Goettl Is An HVAC Company With A Heart

Goettl Air Conditioning is based out of Arizona but has locations in Las Vegas as well. During the holidays Goettl provided heat for a family in Las Vegas. The house they were living in did not have working heat or air conditioning. They did not even have a working toilet and the two girls living there had become used to the situation.

Michael Gamst is the current manager of Goettl. When he found out the circumstances this family was living with he moved fast. He got help from some of his team members at the company and they installed a new heating unit, air conditioner and toilet for the family. They did not charge them anything.

In addition, the employees at Goettl and a nonprofit organization known as Triple5teens all donated gifts for the family. They gave the family back their faith in humanity. Prior to the new air conditioner being installed the families electric bill was $600 dollars per month. Due to the technology, knowledge and experience used by Goettl the bill was cut by more than half. Goettl is raising the standard for the meaning of true quality.

Goettl is a leader in their field. They have had a large part in shaping the industry for many years. They provide all of their customers with the best possible HVAC services throughout Arizona.

The company originally began in 1926 and was founded by the Goettl brothers in Ohio. Bill, John and Adam eventually relocated to Phoenix, Arizona. This was during the time of the Great Depression. They became pioneers in mass producing evaporative coolers. The innovations due to the brothers caused them to become internationally known. At one period in time the brothers had well over 100 patents. They have become a symbol of top quality in their industry.

John Goullet and His Success in the Business World

John Goullet is viewed by many as an extremely talented and amazing individual. One of the best in the IT field, Goullet has been making a name for himself in the business world for quite some time. John Goullet is an entrepreneur who has put together a number of very highly successful companies in the IT world. For nearly a decade he has thrived with the company Diversant, an IT company focused on helping teams with their staffing needs. Goullet has built an outstanding resume along with a track record as an expert in the his field.


John Goullet started his career as a consultant in the 1990’s. His career began when he worked as a Computer Consultant. He later would decided to start his own staffing company launching his career to the next level. Goullet set his focus on finding solutions for big Fortune 500 companies. He understood that this group had a unique set of needs and felt he could solve some of their problems. With such dedication and focus on helping others it is no surprise that his company soon began to take off. In just five years, Info Technologies exploded to more than thirty million dollars and became one of the fastest growing companies in the country.


What makes Goullet and his company unique is their customer focus. Currently known as Diversant, the company seeks to understand the climate of the companies they are attempting to help. Furthermore they look to develop the staff’s specific needs. They realize every company is not exactly the same and they attempt to match unique personalities with specific work styles. Such an approach is a large part of the company’s success.


Goullet’s company is a minority owned business. Goullet believes in diversity and has created one of the biggest African-American owned business in the country. John Goullet’s work is admired by many. He should continue to have a major impact for years to come.