OSI Industries CEO, David McDonald Answers To A Stabilized Food Industry

David McDonald: Success and OSI

David G. McDonald is a well-known entrepreneur. He has multiple interests and is presently involved in several different industries. He is best known as the current CEO and president of the Washington, D.C.-based business known as the OSI Group, LLC. Also known as “Dave”, he is 52 years old and sits on the OSI Group’s board of directors. Finally, he also serves as the current director of the Australia-headquartered OSI International Foods Pty Ltd.

David McDonald’s Professional Background

He is also currently working as the official chairman of the North American Meat Institute (NAMI). His professional background is also highlighted by a period of employment as one of OSI Industries project manager. For approximately a decade he worked as one of the independent directors for M. G. Foods S.A.’s independent directors. He took on that duty following M. F. e Comércio de Alimentos’ acquisition of OSI Group’s offices in Brazil and also Europe.

David McDonald’s Education

After he completed high school, McDonald was off to further his education at Iowa State University. His major was animal science. He finished his coursework and scored his B.S. In 1987.

David McDonald On Improving OSI Group’s Sustainability

The CEO CFO Interviews website spent time with David McDonald. They spoke of a number of different topics. McDonald answered questions about such subject as the corporation’s present direction, various innovations, and some issues concerning the general sustainability of the company.

He told the interviewer that the OSI Group is still striving to continually grow. McDonald also stated that the values of the OSI Group remain the same as they have always been but the company’s solutions to individual problems that arise, much like their product lines, are almost constantly changing. Finally, McDonald concluded that he is very proud of the business’ long list of successes.

The Acquisition of Baho Food

Last summer David McDonald also headed up the purchase of Baho Food. Baho Food, for those not in the know, is the Dutch’s top convenience food processing company. After closing this particular business deal, he told the press that this deal would aid OSI in being able to meet all the numerous needs of the corporation’s clients in Europe.

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