OSI Food Solutions Doubles Chicken Production

OSI Food Solutions Began in the year 1990 in Toledo, Spain to provide quality processed food. Recently, the company moved its levels of production higher. The firm finished its new constructions and expansion at the beginning of this year. The total quality production of chicken products shifted from 12,000 to 24,000 tons per year, doubling the production process. The company is a work in progress to develop the services to the customers. As a result, the total production capacity of quality beef, chicken, and pork food products shifted to 45,000 tons per year. Also, the new development brought about more job opportunities offering more than 20 additional jobs on top of the 140 workers. We require more skilled employees with unique leadership qualities to run the new development and manage the existing production.

The development of OSI Food Solutions is to respond to the rapidly increasing demand for chicken products in Spain and Portugal. The additional facilities added include new shipping and receiving areas, supply storage, production halls, refrigerating rooms, waste container storage, hot water and nitrogen tanks, and social spaces for employees. The new inventions are to improve the customer networking and to add more products to the firm’s portfolio. The demand called for more productivity where the OSI President, McDonald was grateful for making such an enormous step of development to serve the community.

OSI Food Solutions emerged prosperous in receiving the top 100 American food company of the Year award. The achievement was because of the successful leadership of the Chief Executive Officer, Sheldon Lavin. Initially, the firm served only Illinois as a domestic food company, but Lavin changed it to an international firm with more than 16 extensions in various nations. Also, the CEO used the client-centered approach to attract customers and offered classified products tested by qualified staff of chefs in our kitchens.

In the year 2016, OSI Food Solutions reached out to Chicago acquiring the Tyson Food Company to increase its North American services. In California, the company established a processing plant for beans, rice, and tofu products. Further, OSI moved to various other nations for the betterment of its activities like the United Kingdom and Europe. In Europe in the year 2017, the company purchased the Flagship Plant and declared it as the leading distributor of food in the whole of Europe. The recent achievement being the acquisition of the Baho Food in the Netherlands.

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