NGP VAN: Introducing the 21st Century Technological Campaigns

The Republicans and the Democrats have embraced technology in the 21st century, using it to gain an advantage during the campaign period. The transition from the traditional campaigning to the technological campaigning is being driven by the convenience of using big data and digital means to reach out to the voting public. In recent elections, the use of big data has drastically changed the outcome of an election, and traditional campaign methods are not enough for a candidate to win the seat. One of the best examples of how big data affects the election is during the 2008 and 2012 elections where Barack Obama won. The Democrats have utilized a software program from NGP VAN, and they gained an advantage by collecting big data and sharing it among the campaign managers to determine where they would need to go to start their campaign.

With NGP VAN, the Democrats could create a network that would use the internet and all other tools available to make the voting public go to the precincts on the day of elections and vote. Back in 2008, NGP VAN provided an avenue for the Democrats to create an open platform for the supporters to discuss their ideas and to host meetups where they would be actively campaigning for the candidate. This extensive campaign using the available technologies gave Barack Obama an edge over his rivals, and he ended up getting more than 14.5 million votes thanks to the software program released by NGP VAN.

NGP VAN has been changing the world of politics, thanks to their sophisticated and over the top software programs that drive more votes for a candidate. The correct usage of the software program would become an instant advantage, and the campaigners can use it to give their candidates a victory. NGP VAN has also been dubbed as the secret weapon of the Democrats, and they are assuring their clients that the voter’s turnout for this year’s midterm elections would be more significant. NGP VAN keeps on working with their clients to ensure that they will secure victory, and they stated that the use of their technology would create a bigger turnout for the Democrats.

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