NewsWatch TV: high Quality Reviews. High Quality Results.

It seems these days a cell phone is more of a necessity than a commodity. With necessities come many companies trying to sell and market their brand of cellular device. There are companies that are huge and have vast advantages over smaller independent companies. You would think with this kind of advantage that newer companies would have no chance of being seen or heard but one company has defied this expectation and even help overcome it.

I am referring of course to Newswatch TV, the award-winning television show that reviews products in the technology, health, and lifestyle categories. Debuting in 1990, the show has gained an immense audience and reputation for excellence. This excellence has lead the program to receiving accolades such as the Silver Telly reward as well as the Platinum 2017 Marcom Award. Hosted by Susan Bridges, Andrew Tropeano, and Michelle Ison the show has definitely earned its reputation and there are many examples of why its reviews are held in such high regard.

A primary example of one of these trajectory changing reviews for a company’s product is Saygus and its smartphone. Saygus hired Newswatch TV to do a product review of their newest line of smartphones for promotion. This review was aired on their national television show and on their website. Newswatch did the job and Saygus traveled to Barcelona with the promotional video and showcased it at the Mobile World Congress. Newswatch’s review was also used to get Saygus traction with their Indiegogo Campaign. What was the reaction and reception to all this promotion? The answer is simple, a phenomenal success!

The Saygus Indiegogo Campaign exceeded all goals, raising over $1.3 Million. Newswatch and its seemingly simple review was just what was needed for success. Apparently, Tim Rush agrees with this sentiment as he stated “It’s really important to get the right message, delivered in the right way, at the right time, to the right medium, and NewsWatch was able to do that excellently” Newswatch once again proved the effectiveness of its promotion by Saygus’ cellular devices exceeding their financial goal by 300,000 dollars. Who knew by just reviewing a device with “high quality” that a company could be so successful. Tim Rush’s words on Newswatch perfectly sum up what their reviews do for businesses “They connect us between what we want to say, to what our audience wants to hear, to drive sales.”

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