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Depression is one of the most common psychological ailments in today’s society and has for a great long time been difficult to diagnose. It can happen to anyone at any age but is more common in women and can happen without an obvious cause. One of the most prevalent reasons for lack of diagnosis in individuals is the cultural stigma placed upon those with depression. This is a hurdle that must be taken out of play as soon as possible.
Most of the time there is a relatively obvious cause of the depression such as a loved one passing away or losing a relationship. Another obstacle is the varying forms of depression. Some cases are relatively minor and the depression resolves itself whereas some cases are the polar opposite. Some people suffer from Major Depressive Disorder, a deep depression that seems inescapable coupled with a massive loss in self esteem.
The symptoms and signs of depression may not always be readily apparent in everyone. The standard signs are over-sleeping or sleeping too little, massive weight gain or loss, a lack of interest in activities that once derived great pleasure. Fatigue, difficulty concentrating and irritability are other signs. Some individuals may not show any signs whatsoever; on the surface they seem very much normal but on the inside is a seething mass of sadness and unhealthy thoughts. This is called high-functioning depression.
Depression is the number one cause of suicide and suicide is the second leading cause of suicide in young people today. In many cases the negative feelings caused by depression can become so overwhelming for the individual that the only escape seems to be death. Depression causes the brain to function differently than normal, depressed brains even appear different on brain scans.
One of the major technological breakthroughs today in the fight against depression is Neurofeedback technology from Neurocore. This revolutionary technology utilizes qEEG technology to map the brain using brainwave mapping software and provides feedback in real-time. The goal is to help train your brainwaves to operate within their optimal ranges.
Neurocore Brain Performance Centers will scan and map your brainwave patterns, heart rate and breathing to formulate a unique and personalized program for your brain’s needs. Using positive reinforcement and repetition neurofeedback sessions train your brain to work at its best.

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