Milan Kordestani: His Hobbies And Cash Flow

Milan Kordestani isn’t your typical 19 year old.

He is a champion equestrian, an excellent employee, and a phenomenal business owner.

To understand Kordestani, we have to look at his history.

Let’s talk about his first experience aboard a horse.

We can describe a 10-year old Kordestani in one word: persistent.


Because when he boarded a horse for the first time, the animal went wild and ran away.

However, it didn’t run away before throwing little Milan off.

Milan didn’t fret, however; he found the horse, and climbed back on it.

This is admirable for a child, and Kordestani has continued live admirably.

At only 19 years old, he has a thriving business.

Residing in sunny California and having a business in the same state, Milan owns Milan Farms.

On it, he grows 100% organic eggs, herbs, and saffron.

He raises his animals humanely and is very upfront when it comes to business matters.

Whenever a customer has a question, Milan is always ready with an answer.

He feels that being open and honest with your customers is the only way to do business.

When Milan isn’t loving on his chickens and shipping shipments of eggs, he is hard at work at the Huffington Post.

On any given day, Milan will write about politics, mental health, or agriculture for the Post.

When he is done working for the day – whether at the Post or on his farm – Milan can often be seen atop a horse.

Riding horses has been a passion of his for half his life, and he has the ribbons to prove it.

Milan has won 3rd place in the Worlds Championship in 2015 and 2nd place in the Worlds Championship in 2016.

Milan has a first place ribbon in his sights and from the way things are looking, he will be obtaining it in no time.

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