Mexico Allows Pirate Oil Wells from Foreigners: Talos Energy Prospect

Petroleos Mexicanos hurled the first oil project almost over 70 years ago. It has been a long time coming; but all things must come to an end. The new assignment will include a dual project between three major companies. These businesses will involve London-based Premier Oil Plc, Houston’s Talos Energy LLC, and Mexico’s Sierra Oil & Gas. The question is why now? One could only guess that visions and financial contributions equal profit plus success.

Please don’t make the mistake of thinking some random individual woke up one morning and said let’s expand oil wells in Mexican waters and began digging. The plan has been in play for about two years now. Various companies had to offer bids and then these professionals were accepted as qualified prospects for the opportunity. Anyone who knows a little about oil would agree that it’s very dangerous and therefore; will be monitored to know end. Millions of dollars are invested into these business ventures, so the details must be precise.

The well project will be named Zama-1 and will produce an estimated cost of 16 million. The project is located in the waters of Sureste Basin, with millions of barrels on the line; it shouldn’t be any argument about what’s at state here. Let’s keep our fingers crossed about this energy reform project and hope for the best.

Talos Energy

Ash Shepherd is the commercial manager for Mexico at Talos Energy LLC and believes the new venture based off state of Tabasco is under developed and expresses great potential for opportunity. The innovative honoree of thirty under 40 is behind the first energy reform contract in Mexico since 1938. Ash is one of the best when it comes to problem-deciphering and commercial management. The honor comes with the top respected facets and contributions to the oil and gas industry.

Talos Energy LLC is a self-operated oil and gas company with concentrations in the Gulf of Mexico. The company is located in Houston and is well affiliated with big names like Riverstone Holdings LLC. President Tim Duncan is very confident about the situation and deems that with their resources they’ve the experts plus tools to get the job done. All the quantities are in production and all anyone can do is confide in people that have proving their work and have faith in numbers because they don’t lie.

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