Malcolm CasSelle: Implications of Blockchain Technology In Digital Asset Exchange

It may seem that blockchain technologies are merely a new buzzword in the world of technology. However, there is one man, Malcolm CasSelle, who has a vision that will help to revolutionize the world of digital asset management. Currently, the world is fraught with numerous problems that relate to scalability as well as regionalization. That is until the advent of the new technologies which blockchain has enabled. With the launching of his new company, worldwide asset exchange or WAX, he hopes to create a single standard platform for which all purveyors of the digital world will be able to enable their trades utilizing the new and exciting technology. They have created a new digital asset token deemed the WAX token which will serve as a standardized currency among virtual worlds. This was done in order to combat the common problem of fragmentation encountered in the digital world.

The president of the company Malcolm CasSelle is confident that this will help to revolutionize a once stagnant industry and introduce a whole new world of opportunity for those who are interested in digital asset management. Malcolm CasSelle is a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of technology with a bachelor’s degree in pewter science and a Masters degree in the same field from Stanford University. He has a decorated background of work history with a particular emphasis and the assistance of startup companies in the technology industry. With the insider knowledge that this experience has given him, he feels confident that the new company will begin to address a number of current problems within the world of digital asset management. No longer will for an asset exchange problems come into question as his new company will create a standardized format for digital asset exchange.

These new technologies will help to create a safe and efficient virtual goods market by the creation of new types of user operations the decentralization of technologies. Incredibly significant inefficiencies in the current economic system in the digital world have been caused by the fragmentation of the financial ecosystem. These should be swiftly dealt with by the new blockchain technology that is being deployed by the company WAX.

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