Malcolm CaSelle’s WAX is the Superior Virtual Market

WAX is a platform that makes use of the newest blockchain technology to offer customers a safe and secure protocol to conduct virtual trading. With WAX, cheaters never prosper as it completely prevents scams and stops unlawfully attained items from being traded. WAX’s primary target is the video gamer community, but anyone who wants to engage in virtual item trading can use WAX Tokens.

WAX’s intention is to have the entire video game digital marketplace using its system. WAX claims their protocol is so good that even the competitors of OPSkins will use their cryptocurrency. New companies are encouraged to implement their open source templates into their websites as well, WAX creates a fee based profit system for every person involved in the process.

WAX also assists its merchants in reaching a wider audience. Any item listed on their website can be listed on WAX, which means in turn any website that uses WAX can have your item posted. Merchants who use WAX will be able to list their items on various pages at once.

The thing that sets WAX apart from other cryptocurrency platforms is the people who created it. WAX was created by Malcolm CasSelle, one of the people responsible for OPSkins, the most popular third-party marketplaces on the entire web for niche video game cosmetics. Players of games such as H1Z1, Pubg, and CS:GO have been using OpSkins for years for their reliability and selection of skins and cosmetic overrides for their favorite games.

Malcomb CasSelle attended MIT and Stanford and gained considerable knowledge about computer science and programming during his studies. Since graduating, CasSelle has went on to be involved in companies such as Netnoir, Xfire, tronc, OPSkins and now WAX. Most of his business ventures have been in the industry of video games and video game services, with the exception of tronc. tronc is a giant in the newspaper world, they produce over a dozen news publications all over the United States.

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