Make a school a better place with ClassDojo App

Class Dojo is a co-owned organization. The company came in to fill the void that was left in the education sector. That is before the launching of the App it was very hard for the teachers to contact the parents. Moreover, to the parents, they could not determine the level of achievement or progress their children were making in the school. More than 85000 schools have already become active users of the app in the United States.


In line with their ambitions, they have raised 21million dollars that are intended to help the organization achieve the best in the sector. It is in the effort to make all the persons gets the app in a more elaborate way. They are sure that the App will help the individuals in the relationship that will lead to a lot of success in the class and the outside class. In making the app even an amazing, they have beefed up the security. It believes it is an important aspect in protecting the growing children.


The App has gained a broad acceptance globally due to the immense assistant it has been seen to offer. Though the company’s 25 employees haven’t had any revenue generated out of the venture, they hope soon it would be competing with the other social media sites. ClassDojo Aims to have this dream come true by not attaching any revenue to the class related application. They hope they will add another add-on that may be used for a little premium. They believe the inclusion of the other features will ensure that it gains quick acceptance and enable rapid gains.


By the company well stated and written path to follow they will make it big. I am a believer that soon ClassDojo will be competing with all known social sites globally. Thanks to the founders for such a significance App.

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