Kim Dao’s Morning  Routine

Just because you spent the last eight hours in bed, doesn’t mean you don’t need a morning routine for your skin. Kim Dao has very dry skin. The first thing she uses on her face is Pure Revival Peel from Skin Inc to exfoliate her skin. After applying the peel that gets rid of dead skin cells, she washes it off and pats with a dry towel.

Kim Dao recommends custom blended serums. Usually they come in a set of three. There are different types of sets for a woman’s special skin needs. Kim Dao had The Get Glowing Set. Kim Dao applied the hyaluronic acid, vitamin A serum, and finally the chlorella, adding a few drops of each, she mixed them together and applied them to her face.

Kim Dao’s final step in skin care is the Pure Deepsea Hydrating Mask by Skin Inc. This mask comes in a tube. Squeeze a little out on your fingertips and apply it all over the face. Kim Dao recommends using the Optimizer Voyage, a skin massage machine from Sin Inc. It absorbs the serum into the skin better than scrubbing with the fingers. Apply the optimizer, first to the cheeks, the forehead, and chin area in circular motions.

Then, it’s time to apply the makeup. Kim Dao uses K Pallet eyes makeup, starting with eyeliner, curling her lashes, and then uses mascara. She uses eye-shadow to fill in the brows and on the eyelids. Dao applies blush to her cheeks and finishes off with lipstick.

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