Kim Dao: Pokemon makeup review

Kim Dao is a YouTube sensation and joined its vlogger ranks in 2006. She hails from Australia and travels extensively in the pursuit of her passion to share her knowledge with the world. Kim Dao is a beauty, travel and fashion extraordinaire. Reviewing everything from hair & skin care products, travel, makeup, the latest clothing trends and everything in between. In this review Kim is reviewing Pokemon makeup.Yes you read that right, Pokemon makeup. Learn more:


On a recent trip to South Korea, Kim Dao stopped by the TONYMOLY beauty store to try out the latest Korean craze, Pokemon makeup. Among her samples were Pikachu and Jigglypuff hand creams which she compared to bananas and strawberries. Over all she was happy with the creams due to the fact that they dried quickly. Among other products, Kim Dao reviewed Pikachu nail polish, lip tints and cleansers, all of which feature different members of the Pokemon franchise. Overall Kim was happy with the products, apart from a face powder that she felt was not her color. So if you want to get in on the latest makeup trends then check out Kim’s video for the full review or check out her official website then click the links below. Learn more:


Pokemon Makeup

Kim’s official website

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