Karl Heideck’s Thoughts On Litigation

Karl Heideck is an attorney and compliance risk manager at Hire Counsel in Greater Philadelphia since April 2015. He studied Bachelor of Arts in Language and Literature at Swarthmore College. Karl graduated with a law degree in 2009 from Temple University James E. Beasley School of Law.

Karl is a talented lawyer specializing in risk and compliance management. He offers compliance consulting services and risk management advising. Some of his litigation areas include commercial litigation, corporate law, adviser and consultant, and product liability. He has served as a litigator for over ten years.

Litigation attorneys prepare cases for trial. They can represent criminal clients, individual clients filing for personal injury, or real estate firms. Most of these cases do not make it to the court corridors; instead, they are settled outside the court room. Plaintiffs tend to accept settlements in case of civil and real estate cases while defendants take a plea.

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It is the responsibility of the litigation attorney to investigate a new case. The attorney should collect documents showing necessary evidence that strengthen the case. The litigator should negotiate with the other party’s legal representative and try to reach a settlement in an attempt to save both parties from the expenses associated with a law suit. In case the parties fail to come to an agreement, the litigator drafts the motion and pleadings to be filed with the court. The attorney can also file additional motions if there is need to do so.

The legal representative tries his best to win the case by building the best defense. This is done by working with experts in various fields to examine details of the case. Once a verdict is reached, the litigator can make an appeal if his client loses the case. The appeal highlights all issues that were not addressed well during the trial. The litigator might call an expert if he feels that he is not able to handle the appeal well.

Karl Heideck released a guide for new litigation attorneys to be successful in their career. He emphasizes the importance of having virtues of honesty, kindness, and humility. He states that making connections is very helpful and that successful litigators are the ones who are respectful.

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