Jim Toner Provides Business Insight

Businessman and philanthropist, Jim Toner was asked what his favorite quote is. Mr. Toner responded that it was a quote by the famous Irish writer, Oscar Wilde. It is “To live is the rarest thing in the world.” “Most people simply exist, and that is all.” It is fair to say that Jim Toner believes in living life to the fullest and not merely rolling along.

Mr. Toner was then asked about a book he recommends that people in the Ideamensch community pick up and read. His reply was a book called Man’s Search For Meaning written by Victor Frankl. Mr. Frankl was a Holocaust survivor who spent almost three years in the concentration camps. The book describes how he survived physically as well as mentally and spiritually.

The main theme of the book is that suffering is unavoidable. We will all suffer and feel pain at some point in our lives. The real question is how we deal or handle the suffering. These are words of wisdom that anybody at any stage in life can take heed of.

Afterward, Jim Toner was asked what software or online services he uses that makes him more productive in business. Mr. Toner responded by saying that ClickFunnels helps him run his business. The software was set up and managed by someone else, though. He admits that he does not know precisely how to use this piece of software or how it works. Toner says that he is old-schooled and prefers to use pen and paper to take notes and record important information.

His interviewer then asked him what is the best $100 or so that he recently spent. The interviewer then followed up by asking him why was that the case. Jim Toner admits that he spent more than $100 on this endeavor but, it is without a doubt the best sum of money he has spent in a while. It involved helping a home repair contractor who he has worked with for over two decades in the real estate industry. He had a fire and was uninsured. Jim Toner says that he helped get the man back on his feet with some financial assistance.

Mr. Toner believes that you should help people in need and in whatever way you can. He says that if you have the money, then you should help out financially. Toner says that if you do not have money, then you should volunteer your time. If you do not have time, then use your talents to help others and make a difference. The real estate investor believes helping others will not only make you feel good, but it will come back around some time. The feel-good part that comes from helping someone in need that is something that is truly priceless according to Jim Toner.

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