Jeff Herman Offers an Insight on the Best ways to Protect Your Child against Sexual Abuse.

At times, the various occurrences in life tend to bring about some significant changes. Jeff Herman studied law back in the day. After graduating from law school, he jump started his career by representing various business enterprises. Jeff Herman was good at what he did, thereby earning a positive reputation as a professional lawyer.

Background Data

Nevertheless, representing the various business entities never gave him a sense of self-fulfillment. However, things took a turn two decades ago. On one fateful night, two parents decided to seek the services of Jeff Herman after their child had been sexually abused. The child’s private parts had been touched by one of the employees at the school. Such an act could only be termed as a sexual abuse case. To make matters worse, the practitioner at the school who had committed the hideous act had a criminal record as a convicted pedophile.

Since the school had not carried out a proper background check on its employees regarding whether they had criminal records or not, many children had become victims of the pedophile, and some of the cases went down without the children getting justice for what they had undergone.

Jeff Herman finds his Calling as an Advocate who represents Sexual Abuse Victims.

Jeff Herman found his calling there and then, just after taking up his first case which involved representing a child abuse victim. As a lawyer, his fight against the child abuse crisis is not limited to the courtroom; Jeff Herman also gives insights to parents in a pursuit to curb the child sexual abuse menace. Some of the tips are as follows;

Enlightening your children about the presence of sex predators and sex abuse- Such a topic may be tough to bring about especially when talking about it with your children. Nevertheless, as a parent, you must always understand that the safety of your children comes first. As a result, when you enlighten your children about sex crimes and sexual predators, they may be in a better position to take the matter seriously. While discussing sexual predators, you must educate your child on the various tactics used by such individuals and how to evade the elusive tactics that may lead to a worst case scenario afterwards. Since sex predators always approach an innocent looking child with goodies, you must advise your child always to avoid taking goodies from strangers. Your child must have the ability to say “NO.” By doing so, they will be able to scare the sexual predators away, and they will be safe from the claws of such inhumane individuals.


Mr. Herman has come to terms with the fact that he cannot curb the sexual abuse menace alone. As a result, he has been giving out tips to parents to help curb the sexual abuse menace. By doing so, he has helped to safeguard the lives of many children who might have ended up as victims of sexual abuse were it not for the various insights offered by Jeff Herman.

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