Jeff Aronin – Fighting the Untreatable Diseases of Our World

Jeff Aronin became the president and CEO of the remarkable health care development and biopharmaceutical investment firm, “Paragon Biosciences”. Since 2010, Aronin’s firm has been able to develop companies created to help fight the deficiency in treatments of various disease that yet to have a solution, and today, thirteen treatments have been cleared by the FDA for take-off through Paragon Biosciences.

Jeff Aronin graduated DePaul University with an M.B.A. He also holds a B.S. degree from Northern Illinois University. He developed a huge passion for the idea of the educational system and with that and his background in entrepreneurship, Aronin decides to lecture at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business on entrepreneurship and also lecture on the same subject at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management.

His passion for bioscience came about during an occurrence with a physician. Jeff Aronin was in the process of shadowing this physician who was working with a pediatric patient at the time who suffered from seizures. Surgery seemed like the only logical solution. However, the physician would be able to provide an alternative solution through a particular medicine application that would be a sufficient solution for the patient and surgery wasn’t necessary. This decision, and how the whole process was accomplished, captivated Jeff Aronin and from this point forward Aronin would move in the direction of biopharmaceuticals and create a great career for himself in the process.

Paragon Biosciences has been a sweet smell of roses to its market since its start in 2010, developing four related companies that have made remarkable progress towards treatments for diseases that lack thereof ( The main goal for Paragon Biosciences is to improve the quality of life and prolong it for those living with untreatable diseases.

Since its start, Paragon Biosciences has developed four interesting and hard thriving companies: Harmony Biosciences – provides medicines for sleep and central nervous system disorders; Castle Creek Pharma – provides medicines for dermatologist conditions; Precision BP – provides medicines for genetic oncology diseases and Decade Pharmaceuticals – provides therapy for improved quality of life. Together, thirteen FDA approved solutions have been cleared for patient benefit.

Keep a clear conscience on the many new companies set to be developed by the efforts of Paragon Biosciences and witness the contrary to untreatable diseases.


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