James Dondero Does More for Charity

With over 30 years of experience in credit markets, James Dondero is currently in charge of all the investment strategies and decisions for the Highland Capital Management company. The firm is one of the largest and most experienced global alternatives for the credit managers. Mr. James alongside his co-founder Mark Okada, manage $21 billion as assets of the firm. James Dondero is often lauded as the first pioneer of collateralized loan obligation.

Dondero sits in a variety of boards around the nation. They include MGM studios, NexBank and American Banknote Corporation. He also chairs the Cornerstone Healthcare as well as CCS Medical board of directors.
Before joining Highland Capital management, Mr. Dondero was in charge of over $2 billion worth of assets for Protective life a GIC subsidiary. He also managed close to $1 billion worth of fixed income earnings for the American Express. James Dondero went to the University of Virginia where he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in finance and accounting. He also holds various professional certifications including CFA, CMA, and CPA.

At Highland Capital Management Company, Mr. Dondero is greatly humbled to serve the public. The firm invests more to their immediate community where their employees live and eat. The company commits itself towards the realization of community change and goals through advisory board involvement, volunteerism, and financial donations. Donations are given to various non-profit making organizations and charities. Since its inception in 2005, the firm has disbursed over $10 million to different organizations around the world. These works of charities revolve around, education and community empowerment.

In 2016, Mr. Dondero created a partnership with Linda Owen. Linda was brought into the partnership to help Dondero expand his benevolent activities. Her objective was to make the charitable work and resources more impactful. Linda will coordinate her activities with the Dallas Foundation. It is this foundation that Mr. Dondero disburses fund to various humanitarian causes. The decision to hire a professional to manage the charity funds was informed by the need for transparency and attaining impactful giving. James had evaluated and felt that the company would not be in a position to handle charitable activities casually. A dedicated manager would help the firm to make the right decisions with the possibility of positive results.

The Dallas Foundation has been in existence since 1929. The movement was created to help improve the living standards of people living in Texas.

In every year, Dondero’s company donate close to $3 million. The funds are sent to organizations and movements that advocate for better health, education, and community welfare. In addition to these funds, Mr. Dondero offers some of his time to provide guidance on the operations of these organizations. His main area of the contribution being in the overall leadership roles as well as board service.

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