Investment Strategies with Chris Linkas

Investors should learn always. Clients are always asking about the economy, the markets as well as individual stocks. Thus it is important that investors have this information at their fingertips. According to Chris Linkas, there are some investment aspects that distinguish between great investment managers and just ordinary investors. There are some major strategies about an investment that an investor should know. For instance, an investor is a human being and so not possible to understand everything. This first strategy claims that the market is ever growing and hence so big for investors to understand all manner of activities going on there (Cheynecapital). Investors have access to clients’ portfolios, management teams of companies as well receiving a lot of data concerning the markets. Nevertheless, as humans, it is possible to make mistakes. A major blunder an investor can make is to hold on to a losing investment thinking the market is long.

The”sell on news” trend comes in as the second strategy. According to Linkas, Some investors get excited with what they see on the news. For example, investors should stick on to their goals. Nothing trending should trigger them into rushing to the subsequent trade. Self-protective sectors can as well decline forms the third strategy. All stocks can get affected when the markets shift and so declining of even the defensive stocks.

As an investor, do not always rely on rumors. This fourth strategy claims that few rumors come true and result in a takeover. Consequently, relying on rumors to make an investment decision might bring about the worst results ever. The last strategy states that investors should not disregard a stock ceaselessly, Linkas argues. Some stocks can frustrate at a certain point but can bounce back as well at a certain point.

The company offers investment management guidelines for companies, investment funds as well as managed accounts. He joined the company in 2003. Since 2012 November, Chris has served as the Head of European credit as well as heading the 20persons European credit Group ( He was responsible for principal investment in countries with UK euro regions. He has investment experience in shipping, real estate, secondary LP interests, leases, non performing loans securities, corporate loans and many more.


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