How Ryan Seacrest Almost Didn’t Return To American Idol

When American Idol returned to the air recently Ryan Seacrest almost wasn’t a part of it. ABC had won the rights to this tv show, originally airing on FOX, and they gave him a lowball offer which he rejected. He had been the host of this show for 15 years and was considered the most essential part.

The management team behind American Idol had come to an agreement with Katy Perry to serve as a judge and it was leaked she would be paid $25 million. This amount meant they had to make cuts elsewhere and the showrunners decided that would be what they paid Ryan Seacrest. They cut their offer to him in half, from $10 million to $5 million. His team requested that his name be withdrawn from contention for hosting duties because of this.

The top executives at ABC didn’t know anything about this lowball offer. Once they found out they quickly got involved and one of them personally called Ryan Seacrest in order to get things back on track. Some of his team thought he should reject going back to American Idol since he has so many other things going on but his affection for the show led to him going back once they gave him a revised offer that exceeded $10 million.

Ryan Seacrest has been hosting “Live with Kelly and Ryan” since June of last year. This is a tv morning show focused on lifestyle, celebrities, and light news. He also hosts “On Air with Ryan” which is his morning radio show. Additionally, he produces a number of reality-based shows such as “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” and its various spinoffs as well as other shows such as “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution”. He also stays busy as one of the managers of the “Ryan Seacrest Foundation” which provides media rooms inside of pediatric hospitals.

He has also branched out into retail. Ryan Seacrest released a line of men’s clothing named “Distinction”. This line can be found exclusively at Macy’s stores. He also partnered with a notable dermatologist and released a line of men’s skincare products named “Polish”. Know more about this on his Facebook account.

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