Gregory James Aziz- Building A Historical Company

Gregory Aziz prides in being the behind the success of the National Steel Car as the company president, chairman, owner and chief executive officer. He has played significant role due to his passion for being successful in everything he touches, and he was raised and born in the city of London in Ontario Canada. Aziz celebrated his birthday on 30th April since 1949 and graduated from University of the Western Ontario, and successful graduated with finance and economics degree and later he began his practical life worming at Affiliated Food. His knowledge and general skill saw him connect the family business to global imports and exports dealing with countries like Southern America, Eastern Canada, Central America and the European countries. The company traded with fresh foods.


After making Affiliated Foods, global Gregory James Aziz moved to New York working on different investments banks, and during his tenure in one bank, he managed the account of National Steel Car. He later met Dofasco and made a deal purchasing National Steel Car in 1994, and since then the company has become a global company. Greg James Aziz’s main goal was restoring the company to its greater glory and status making it global leading manufacturers of railroad freight cars.


Gregory J Aziz increases the engineering capacity and the team building providing the company with the needed capital and human investment hence ensuring its growth and expansion. The production of National Steel Car dramatically increased, and in 1999 it was manufacturing above 12,000 freights cars yearly, and the company staff increased by more than 3,000. Additionally, Gregory James Aziz tireless pursuit to see his company grow has helped it create it’s own untouchable making it an engineering and manufacturing excellence.


The National Steel Car produces high class and quality products using the latest engineering technology and adapting to the technology to satisfy their personalized client’s needs and wants. Mr. Gregory James Aziz believes in being philanthropy, and he has incorporated his staff to taking part in the Hamilton food drive ensuring his community has enough food in their food banks. He also plays a prominent role in Hamilton Opera, the Theatre Aquarius, and the Salvation Army among other charities. Additionally, he holds Christmas party for his past and current employees together with their loved ones giving them a relaxing moment. And his family are the primary sponsors of the Royal Agricultural Winter Fairs the most significant agricultural fair in North America. Go Here for additional information.

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