Get Stuff Done with Upwork

When people discuss making a to-do list, they often stumble upon the common problem of being able to complete all of the tasks on their checklist. Well is there some magic powder that people use to get stuff done or are they just super determined people. There are a few things to discuss when talking about people who are always able to finish their to-do list.

The first thing to do is not to memorize everything you are trying to do. Memorizing, or at least attempting to, will definitely cause more stress and anxiety than at all necessary. Rather, write everything down. When you have everything wrote down on a physical piece of paper, your body feels rewarded each time you are able to check or cross something off.

One other great thing to do is prepare a list of things to do beforehand. An effective way to so is by creating a to-do list the night before you’d like to finish your tasks. This allows your body to rest easy without all of the thoughts cluttering your mind.

Next, you want to keep your notes and lists timely and put together. In other words don’t have your to-do list scattered across six sticky notes, three notebooks, and some memos on your phone. Keep everything in one notebook or one notepad. This combined with timeliness, or writing down and paying attention to when you want to do certain tasks, will make a go get them attitude.

A few more things to include when putting together your to-do list is defining what is a priority over what is play. To translate, it means to know what is going to benefit you and what you just want to do to pass time. A great example would be writing down that you want to get an exam done before midnight versus watching Netflix for two hours.

Lastly, you want to continually be re-evaluating your decisions. What is important? Use what you actually want to get done because a to-do list is just a guideline, something that should benefit you in your everyday life.


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