Fabletics Uses Celebrity Buzz to Separate from the Crowd

There is a lot of celebrity appeal to the Fabletics brand right now. Twitter and Facebook are just a few of the sites where there is a lot of talk going on about what Kate Hudson is doing with Fabletics. Now there’s another anchor to the Fabletics team that also brings about celeb talk. This new limited time connection is from Demi Lovato is going to be great because it gives strength to a company that has been able to thrive from celebrity endorsements.


Kate Hudson is aware that innovation is a big part of the key to her success, and she has been able to build her brand with a lot of attention from celebrities. Demi Lovato is going to bring even more young customers to this company with her limited time collection. This is still a work-in-progress that is coming soon, and customers are still on the lookout for what may develop with this upcoming collection.


This is a very smart move for Kate Hudson because it attracts more people to the brand. The fact that this is a new concept also provides more news coverage for the brand. That is how she is able to compete with Amazon. This is actually one of the similar things the Amazon is doing. The Amazon brand has been around for a long time, and people are getting the opportunity to see how Jeff Bezos promote his company. He is always coming up with new products to stir up publicity. The Kindle was created to attract consumers Electronics come up, but Jeff would not stop there. He would also bring forth alternate versions of the Kindle as he promoted the Fire Stick. Now the Amazon Echo is another part of the Amazon franchise. He does all of these things while also promoting clothing, skin care and an assortment of other products.


Kate knows that it can be difficult to compete with a company that offers so much to consumers. She realizes, however, that one of the best ways to compete is by staying innovative and bringing something new to consumers just like Jeff Bezos. This is what Jeff has done with Amazon, and this has served him well. Fortunately, the celebrity connection is the thing that brings forth some significant publicity that keeps this company from growing stagnant. Kate has to make her brand stand out from everyone else out there.


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