Fabletics Boost Online E-commerce Sales

Kate Hudson is a well-known actress. Kate Hudson is also a woman that prefers clothing, with quality and style. Consequently, the actress decided to join with two others and start Fabletics. A trendy clothing line that produces athletic-wear clothing that is high quality, stylish, and affordable. Of course, competition is heavy online. Fabletics is going head to head with big sales leaders like Amazon. Surprisingly, Fabletics is slowly but surely winning the online fashion sales race against online giants like Amazon. In 3 years, Fabletics has turned into a $250 million dollar business with their smart marketing tactics like the reverse showroom technique.


Fabletics Success

Many Fabletic fans might wonder about the key to Fabletics amazing success. Certainly, their success is due to the high-quality clothing line, affordable prices, and great customer service. They also are a subscription service that is a vital part of the active-wear trend. Still, the main force behind their success is their reverse showroom strategy. They recognize that the average consumer goes online to look for products, services, or the best deals. Once they find that product, service, or great deal they like to visit the brick and mortar store to really find out more and make a purchase. Fabletics made it easy for customers to find good deals online and go to a Fabletics’ store in their community to make the purchase. This has led to their success and attracting more customers.


Fabletics Great Fashion And Affordable Price

Fabletics sales are stronger than ever. Their sales are continuing to astound the clothing world. Fabletics is a company that has their finger on the pulse of the fashion industry. Kate Hudson states that she recognizes new trends and adapts them to her clothing line. Certainly, Kate Hudson likes to live an active lifestyle and has great fashion sense. Kate Hudson and her cofounder’s remark that their goal was to create the best looking fashion line available online at an affordable price that reflected Hudson’s great fashion sense.


Fabletics Future

The unique Fabletics strategy to adopt the reverse showroom technique is working for the company. Now, they are planning to expand and open more high-quality brick and mortar stores in the future. The fashion membership store would like to invite anyone interested in their athletic-wear line of clothing to visit the Fabletics site and take the Lifestyle Quiz to discover which Fabletics gear suits their style.

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