End Citizens United: Fighting the Decisions to Uphold Citizens United’s Policies Permitting Corporate Influence

End Citizens United is a group dedicated to helping reverse the decisions made by Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, a Supreme Court case that change the way that corporations are treated when it comes to their individual freedoms of speech. The reason that this court case is so important to groups such as End Citizens United is because of the hidden implications that reside with giving corporations this type of freedom, especially when it comes to the political process. There are various ways that corporations can shake up the political process and exert an undue amount of influence over candidates. This can be done by promising extensive amounts of funding toward the candidate, and because of this new decision, these corporations are not required to report such monetary donations.

The whole reason that this decision came into the fact is that of the conservative group dubbed Citizens United. They had earned the ire of the Federal Election Commission when they released a movie about Hillary Clinton, who is running for president’s office at the time. The movie turned out to be nothing more than a feature-length ad against the candidate. It became immediately clear that a corporation had helped the group produce the ad as an attempt to attack the candidate, the FEC wanted to get that information as it was a federal law. Citizens United refused to provide that information and it went all the way up to the Supreme Court. Now, it is a law that these corporations can contribute to political campaigns uninhibited.

End Citizens United saw the future that would revolve around corporations being able to continue this practice, without some type of check. The group is dedicated to fighting against this decision and moving towards a more lasting solution. They want candidates that have signed a pledge stating that they will not accept funding from corporate sources. In exchange for that pledge, the individuals in citizens United will work to raise additional funding for these individuals to help put them on similar financial playing fields with their competitors. In fact, in their first political cycle, they were able to raise more than $25 million for the candidates they supported. This place most of the individuals on par if not exceeding their competitors in their races. It proved that End Citizens United could be a valuable resource for these individuals and help to fight against this cause.

End Citizens United’s  Social Media: twitter.com/stopbigmoney?lang=en

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