Dr. Akhil Reddy’s Wine Suggestions And Fashion Tips For Doctors

In the Jennifer Lawrence movie Passengers, Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence mostly spend their solitary time drinking fabulous wine. There’s little wonder why this is so. Wine is everything. It is a perfect pairing for meat, the taste of it is delicious, it brings wonders to the taste buds.

But what does it mean to buy expensive wine? Does it have to be so? Do we need to shell out thousands of dollars just for wine? Well, according to Dr. Akhil Reddy of MB2 Dental, this doesn’t have to be so. Around us is a fantastic list of fabulous wines that won’t cost your monthly budget but at the same time give you the luxurious texture you want from a five-star wine.

According to Dr. Akhil Reddy in a write-up feature in the French Tribune, choosing the best wine doesn’t mean shelling out more than $30. You can get more with a tight budget if you just know where to look and you go for the right standards. A good wine would need to ferment at its finest degree, and wine lovers should always go for any wine that has the richest texture.

Good thing that richly textured wines don’t need to be that expensive. Some of the least expensive wines today that won’t cost a lot include Domaine de Pellehaut Chardonnay Fruit and the Château Haut Bernasse Le Clos Monbazillac, which are both top-notch wines that even the most demanding wine connoisseur will find hard time criticizing.

Speaking of little pleasures in life, MB2 Dental’s Dr. Reddy is also full of ideas in making sure that when you go wine-tasting with your loved one, you look dashing and magnificent as you should without doing it just for show. To be a legit gentleman requires virtuous acts, but wearing a well-tailored suit when you go out isn’t bad either.

In an interview with The Bro Talk, Dr. Reddy enumerated some of the more appropriate and stylish attire that doctors can wear today with their coats to make them look even more dashing. For example, Dr. Reddy suggested that dressing in Khakis/Chinos with a Dress Shirt combo would be apt with a coat if you’re going for a less formal look. If you want to go for a more business type of event, a dress shirt and tie will go a long way in making a professional, but fashionable statement.

Indeed, looking good and stylish comes from within. However, it’s not a bad idea to still consider Dr. Reddy’s lifestyle tips.

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